Hey Helpers! Today is Juanita Day! so to celebrate we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Crab themed eventWe performed some amazing tactics and formations lead by Joe, Wynn, Snowflake, Yoda, and AbsoluteTrash across the Town, Beach, and Iceberg . Thank you all for attending!

MAX: 35+

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Hi Helpers! Today we all logged onto Server – Ascent on CP Rewritten to battle the Ketchup Krusaders where Help force once again showed up with superior numbers. Led by Mandal (Me), Absolute, Amy, Desirues, Chloe and Snowflake, with much bigger formations made against them and with fast speed in doing tactics and using emotes, Help Force seemed to soar high in terms of dominance against the Krusaders once again to clinch another victory against them in yet another battle! Until next time Helpers, and see you all for sure at the Semi-Finals against the Ice Warriors this Sunday in the Legend’s Cup!

Max: 35+

Comment below if you attended the battle!!

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Hi Helpers! today we logged on Club Penguin Rewritten for a super fun Strawberry themed event! we did some nice tactics and form across the Town and the Lighthouse led by Wynn, Snowy, Maya, and AbsoluteTrash. Thank you all for attending!


MAX: 36+

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Patrons of Patreon: AbsoluteTrash123

Welcome Back lovely people! It’s the return of Patrons of Patreon coming at you with an exclusive interview with AbsoluteTrash123, better known as Osama, Trash or Oldie. Osama here is a Help Force General and also one of our generous Phoenix donators! Without further ado let’s get into the interview shall we?

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Hi helpers! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten and successfully invaded Wool Socks! We did some stunning tactics, forms, and movements lead by Joe, Wynn, Snowy, ROOBOO, and Absolute Trash. Thank you all for attending!

MAX: 40+

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Howdy Helpers! This evening we logged onto CPR for another breathtaking battle between our teams, Fire, and Water! The fight took place at Night Club, Stadium, and Lighthouse and was led by Joe, ROOBOO, Mayathefirst, AbosoluteTrash, Diwix, and Scorpion Demon. Thank you, everyone, for coming, and congratulations Team Fire on turning the tide and winning with a score of 2-1!

MAX: 57+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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