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Welcome back to Inside Out! Everyone’s favourite blogger, lydsb, is back with Help Force’s latest gossip. This week I’ll be talking about the British Chat hours and Help Force’s hottest ships! Excluding Diwlyd smh.

British Hour Chat

Recently, the Brits have been gathering in #general at around 10pm for some VERY British chats. Although, as Amelia said – the chat is more English than British. British people are in a minority in Help Force because we are overruled by Indians. Therefore, we decided to come together and take over the chat.. for now it only lasts one hour but we will expand. Just you wait.

The discussions in Brit hours are, well, British! Currently, we love talking about our favourite food, we had mentions of Pom Bears, Frubes, Cheese Strings and Quiche. Furthermore, In the wise words of Xtra..

It’s also said that I, lydsb, have plain on my Nando’s. I would like to confirm this is FALSE information and I do infact have Medium. And Lemon and Herb is NOT spicy. Continuation to spread these rumours will have serious consequences, you’ve been warned.

Me being bullied about having ‘plain’ at Nando’s. Yet again. Even though I don’t. I HAVE MEDIUM GUYS.

Nevertheless, if you’re British, you’re invited to join us for British Hour. 10pm – 11pm. We discuss things from Primary School nostalgia to the latest football scores. There’s quite a lot of violation from our internet gangster, Xtra, so be mindful. But remember – it’s all love. 

In conclusion,

Help Force’s Hottest Ships

Currently, one of the most popular things in Help Force is ships. It seems that as soon as you interact with someone of the opposite gender, it’s immediately ship worthy. For example, poor Lisa is shipped with Neo, Ao, Aaron, and more probably. Another very noteable ship is Xtraya (sorry Maya) which I think many can agree, is a fitting ship.

I can really see the love here, c’mon. You gotta agree. There was actually a nickname trend for the day which was, #AbolishShips, it was also spammed in chat quite a bit which was very influential.

I was a large supporter of this movement. #AbolishShips.

That’s all for this week’s Inside Out! Make sure to go and vote in #announcements for the De-Lice-Ious Awards! Take care and I’ll see you next week for Lyd’s Dairy Diary 😉

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  1. this was pretty funny 😀

  2. 🥵 imagine having plain Nando’s lyds :(( I can forgive you though for writing about xtraya :luv:

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