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Hello and welcome back to Inside Out! Returned by popular demand by a new successor, and soon to be the second best article here on the Help Force website.. (after Lyd’s Dairy Diary of course!) Fortnightly, I’ll be spilling the Help Force tea and filling everyone in with the latest scandals.

The Walver Dilemma

If you’ve been living underneath a rock, then you’ve probably not heard much about Walver’s recent ignoble actions. Luckily I’m here to fill you in! Around a week ago, Walver started robbing people’s Ayan hats; claiming to ‘pay them back’.. but he didn’t stick to his promises, causing a lot of distress.

Walver’s list of who he owes money to

Despite Walver’s promises and claims to pay people back, he never did. I began to dig deeper into the chats regarding Walver’s wrong doing, and I got some shocking results.

Word has it that Walver is a stray gambler, with no nationality. Someone teach Peppa what a bot command is though, smh. I also tried to DM some of the victims but I think yall hate me or something because none of them answered my DMs when I asked them about it :weary:

Aside from that, there hasn’t been much else to report on. I also have exams and I’m writing this in my studying breaks I have no choice otherwise Jayden will keep me captive forever so this week’s will be a bit shorter than normal.

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