A Deep Dive Into 2020 with HF

The year took us by storm, pandemics, crazy wildfires, spooky bees, and the worst thing for extroverts, a damn lockdown. The best thing for introverts, however, so it’s a balance I guess? Anyways, this is a long informal post created to walk us through 2020. Not for the world, that’s too much to write, but rather for HF. We hit new records, celebrated 2 years, and participated in so many tournaments.

Although many may view this pandemic as an uh-oh and not see any good sides to it, I see many. Firstly, every minor thing impacts your choices and where you end up. If you slept 1 hour later on a day, you probably changed your life forever. That’s what this pandemic did, it made HF grow, it introduced so many of you guys that I can guarantee wouldn’t be here without the lockdown. Secondly, it brought out a different side of most people. A lot of people, started caring for each other and taking safety precautions to ensure no harm goes to their loved ones. This pandemic brought the world closer together.


January, my most favorite month started with HF building back up on CPR, everything needed to be built due to us leaving from the depths of CPO. Ayan returned to help us get on our feet and Spotty and Lottie continued to serve HF.


February is where things got bumpy, a series of unfortunate events if you will for Spotty and Lottie. You see, HF had just started to get its max into the 30s in January. Ayan felt like HF was back on its feet so he decided to retire. No biggie right? Well, HF saw a sudden drop in maxes, events, and quality of segments as well. Whether it be bad timing, Ayan’s retirement, or some other reason, it wasn’t good. This led to the Help Force’s First Coup. Spotty and Lottie were replaced by 1ic Moon and Tistle along with 2ic Juanita.


In March, the WHO officially declared this mess, a global pandemic. No, not the Coup you dummy, the COVID-19 thingy. This saw a rise in CPR members and an influx of new members to the army community. New armies were created as well as old ones revived. HF also benefitted from this so yay? March saw the first war of the year as well with RFCP. HF saw itself get a 60+ max, something that was unbelievable seeing as the force maxed 30+ on a good day. OH MA GAWD did I just casually waltz past the 2-year mark? Well, Ayan, Kiara, and Attacker returned for a bit to have some laughs with us! ALSO, we saw the iconic #mature chat return. It doesn’t feel like much but you had to be there trust me.


April brought us drama, oh so shocking, drama in the army community *yawns*. Anyways, welcome to WWR also known as World War Rewritten. HF participated in this war but at the same time didn’t? Yea, we agreed to neutrality between ACP and ourselves. Other than that, we held constant events and grew in size so cheers to that!


May, as much as it’s my favorite month was eh. Oh, how I wish May was nicer, mAy I SeE a ReTiReMeNt, asked the month, and so it was granted. HF saw 1ic SilentMoon go silent and focus on IRL duties. This led to the promotion of 2ic BarnitoThis month also saw great developments within the army community! we saw 2 CPPS Army Leagues merge and create the CPAH, a wonderful ray of light to the evil that was 2020. The Army community was all UwU once again.


June! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! Honestly, my favorite month because HF defied all odds, broke records, AND GAVE OUT ITS FIRST MEDAL ROLE. I love roles. Did you know the more roles you have the mo- I’m getting sidetracked I apologize. Anyways, other than the ‘more roles’ secret, HF battled its way to the Finals against RPF in the Legends Cup X, the biggest army that made HF look like a Lil baby.

Before we get to the Finals, let’s go back to the Quarters! This match was against DCP and also against everyone’s predictions. But HF took that as a challenge, maxed a new record of 71, and beat the Doritos 1-0 going against all odds. Once again, the Semi-Final Round brought a stronger opponent, the Dark Warriors. This round once again showed HF beating all odds and winning the match 2-1. Which brings us to the finals. Obviously, RPF won easily but, the LCX Tournament will go down in HF history as the best Tourney ever.

6 months in and I have a feeling I’m losing readers. Did you know, the biggest cow to ever exist was a leader of HF! Another interesting fact, the world’s weirdest Welsh guy was also a Leader in HF. Oh, and a crazy typo lady, let’s not forget pee girl, oh and the tall stick. Wow, alright so there’s ALOT of weirdoes in HF but that’s what makes us special!


This is my favorite month. No there’s no AUSIA bias I swear. Anyways, AUSIA rose to new heights from July onwards getting maxes of 40+ on multiple events. A few events got 65+ too. This led to many AUSIA practice battles, with many big and small armies, but there was one thing in common. HF always won these battles. I feel like it’s safe to say, AUSIA Force was the strongest force out there.


August continued to be AUSIA’s rise with practice battles against Ice Warriors and SWAT, 2 relatively big armies, which also say HF’s victory. Remember May? Barnito, the coolbeanz AUSIA 2ic? Well, he wasn’t a “coolbeanz 2ic” anymore as the end of the month saw 1ic Tistle, retire as well as the promotion to 1ic Barnito. Let’s not forget the queen of raccoons, 2ic Hannah was brought into the force.


The end of summer saw the start of many COVID lockdowns and cases decreasing, which meant a possible drop in maxes as well as the iconic September Drop. HF was “just built different”. It seems like HF just continued to grow, all the way till the end of the month before seeing a bump in the road.


This spooky month is obviously my favorite since Halloween but sadly started with the retirement of 2ic Hannah. Hannah finally left for the Savannah. Help Force saw itself in a brand new tournament called the “Fright or Fight” Tournament. This spooky event, although not as magnificent for ourselves to secure a win, was wonderful. We reached the semi-finals and had a max of 84, breaking the previous battle max of 71 against the RPF. This feels like the perfect time to introduce you guys to HFIsland! An AS3 CPPS brought back in July by extremely cool nerdy General, Janez! Since we had ourselves our own mini club penguin, we took this opportunity to bring you guys a spooky-themed week!


After the spooky week ended, Elp the world’s noisiest, troublesome, annoying, chaos-causing guardian, who we so dearly loved hosted an Olympic-styled event for the whole CPA Community with a series of CP Games to determine the best olympian at CP! Barnito our coolbeanz AUSIA leader we all know and love, introduced the Blue Squadron, a training program for all our helpers to train and get better at battling!


The favorite month, of course, brought HF to its knees. Just Kidding! HF’s knees started floating as we levitated like a God. Why? HF’s AUSIA Force once again was not a force to be reckoned with, as it saw the Aces of AUSIA tournament hosted by ACP for all those in the AUSIA zone. HF saw a max of 85 in its final battle and took home the cup! Also, along with the Aces of AUSIA, HF saw the Christmas Chaos X, a cup we didn’t take home but still did glorious!. And so, we reached the end of an era, one where we played lots of games on Flash, but it seems like Flash was all ready to leave! To celebrate Flash ending, and an era of club penguin as well, HF hosted its Flash Showdown event, one which saw an astonishing max of 121 Helpers ending the year on a high note.


To sum up 2020, it was a sh*tstorm. To also sum up 2020, a blessing in disguise for HF, that’s why I probably had so many favorite months! Help Force wouldn’t be where it is without whatever happened last year. We hope to see you continue to support the Best Force in 2021 as we have a lot planned to make HF a better place!

A New Beginning

And so it begins, a new era, a new generation, and a new year. HF celebrates 3 years today. 3 years that have gone by and gone as smooth it could possibly go thanks to our creator Ayan, the leaders, the staff, and you helpers.

This next section of the post, as a token of thanks and gratitude, contains the names of every staff member, that has really helped HF grow and has stuck with the force through tough times in the past 1 year from January of 2020 till today.

Leaders: Ayan, Spotty, Lottie, Moon, Tistle, Barnito, Nelly, Juanita, Hannah.

Staff: Joe, Jayden, Kendall, Snowy, Maya, Taylor, Monika, Flypin(Komal), Wynn, ROOBOO, Ken, Holly, Ru, Slushy, Kara/Riley, Marshmallow, Planet, Sommer, Tori, Alexei, Eliteslayer, Chickn, SwagerGamer, Amy, Rainbowdj, Skillz, Ash, Hagrid, Stemv, Josh, Crystal, Traffic, BforBilbo, Diwix, Chloe, Janez, Rorange.

Underline – Retired Staff
Admiral – Pink/Orange
Marshal – Purple
General – Blue

Also goes without saying, thank you Elp, the wonderful Guardian over HF for the past year.

HF saw new records, new changes, new members as well as its own game. None of it would have been a success without your support. On behalf of the 2020-21 staff team, thank you for making HF your army and we hope you continue to stick around. Let’s Keep Unleashing the Power of Helping.

Let us know your favorite moment or month in the comments below!

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  1. I’m so glad to be back. Also very dissapointed in myself for not being here for most of this…

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