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Coming Soon to the HF Site

HF has been a fun place filed with fun things. The site on the other hand, has been a little quiet. But quiet no longer! Starting soon, the Bloggers and Staff of HF are getting ready to present you all with wonderful posts!

The Original series officially done by Jayden and then Amy will be returning monthly through HF’s newest blogger Maisie! Get to know everything there is about the HF’s staff member and who knows, maybe some of their common interests are yours too!

The HF Insight started all the way back in early 2019 with Solar and Jayden. Revived back in 2020 it continued to provide you all with the latest info from small fun events to the major events with interviews along the way. Continued on with Rooboo and then Chickn Strips, HFInsight will be returning weekly by HF’s very own Marshal Rooboo.

One of the longest running series’ in HF will still continue to provide you all with insights into the high ranked Helpers of Help Force. A series first starting by Beni, went along to Former Commander SilentMoon, Flypin1, and then into the hands of Former Marshal Monika and Marshmallow who brought you the weekly digest all the way up till January. Now, our long running series will be continued weekly by our Marshal, Wynn.

How Would you Help a series started by Jayden back in October continued for a short 3 weeks, delving into questionable moderation situations with the Staff members of Help Force. With a brand new expansion into the Staff team and more possible situations within the community, Jayden will continue to ask the major questions.

HF’s classic beacon from Shad will continue to bring you entertainment with crosswords, stories and daily updates directly with the help of HF’s Beacon Team on a weekly basis.

New Series’

Help Force’s first installment for its brand new series’ first comes with HF General Rainbows guides for stamps and catalogs! What was previously just a monthly post about catalogs, this new series will help you with catalogs as well as stamps on a Bi-Monthly basis.

Snowys Nap Segment Insights is like no other Insight. Get to know the inner workings of HF’s Black Market, the refugee staff members that were left to starve and the broken and magical vending machines, exclusively on Snowys Nap Segment Insights! Of course, this series isn’t real, it’s all a dream.

Keeping Up with CPR just like the Kardashians, is a mess, so to help you understand the mess as we move to HTML5, this brand new series aims to bring you everything new with CPR and HTML5 on a monthly basis! Find out about the newest parties, games and more with the help of Violet.

Clueless on how Among Us works? Confused on what Krunker.Io is? Well, no problem! Gamers Knowledge is brought to you by Skillz, a series that aims in bringing out your best in gaming with tips, tricks and guides! Don’t fret, you know a tip no one else knows? Skillz will take your help in providing that information with the others!

HF’s first ever poll series, will be coming in at the end of every month, to help you figure out who is most likely to! With the help of 10 HF Representatives, we will take a look at whose most likely to be something in the real world! Of course, this series will be brought to you by the one and only Jellyfish!

What once started as Tistles Spectacular Staff Survey is returning to be a series dedicated to asking questions to the staff of HF by its current Commander, Barnito.

Reality TV is so fake its a joke, so why not bring it down into writing form as we bring you the juiciest information from all over HF. Join Jayden and Joe twice a month and witness some shocking revelations about everything Help Force.


So it seems like theres a lot in store for HF! With new series’ we aim to provide HF and the army community with quality penmanship! Of course thats not all! We continue to plan and brainstorm on quality things you guys would like to see. Do let us know in the comments what series you guys are most looking forward to and what else you would like to see over on HF!

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