Holiday Party 2020 Walkthrough for Club Penguin Rewritten!

Holiday Party 2020 Walkthrough – Club Penguin Rewritten

Hello, festive penguins! It’s me Skillz in Blogger Form. A new party has dawned upon us. It’s none other than the Holiday Partyyy. Get in the “jingly” mood with the CP Help Force with tons of battles and events!

Let’s begin with all the cheats, shall we?

Holiday Catalog

At the Snow Forts, Plaza and the Town. Look for the blue gift icon at the bottom right of your screen for a bunch of Christmas-themed items. There haven’t been any secrets reported as of late.

Coins for Change

You should see a bunch of “Coin-Pot like” icons scattered across multiple rooms. Click on them to reveal a screen which has three icons. A house, tree and a medkit. These are actually donation icons through which you can send coins to actual humanitarian areas. The CPR Team will be converting In-game currency into real money that will be sent to charity missions which in turn will change the world. There are also three stamps that you can get by donating a certain number of coins. The stamps are the following:-

  • Donate a short sum of 500 coins for the Volunteer Stamp.
  • Donate a sum of 1000 coins for the Top Volunteer Stamp.
  • Donate a whooping sum of 10000 coins for the Epic Volunteer Stamp. (You can use your 30KCOINS code for this.)

You should also get a CFC Pin and a postcard along with it.

Community Goals

Click on the “fish-coin” icon on the top right of your screen to open up the Community CFC Menu. This shows how many coins the community has donated for the causes. You also get free items when a milestone is hit. Check back once in a while to see the items that have been unlocked.

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar should continue offering items until the 25th. Check back every day after 12 am Penguin Standard Time for new items.

Free Items

There’s a free background available when you click on the camera in the Book Room. (Santa is coming!)

To get to the other two items, In the Arcade room. Walk to the Staff Only door.

Walk to the rack full of green aprons to get the Cookie Serving Apron.

In the same room, click on the orange button on the microwave oven to get a brand new Deluxe Gingerbread House.


In the same staff room, there’s actually a game where you can bake cookies. I shall leave it to you to figure out the game.

As you move toward the room on top of the arcade, you get access to the “Santa’s Sleigh”. There’s a cool game where you have to throw 15 presents into the chimneys. To start playing, click on the green “FLY” button. Place your mouse on the red button and click as you align the opening of the sack to the chimney. Do this fifteen times.

A free Santa’s Present Bag item should appear on the top-right of your when you’re done. (The icon hides a bit of the clickable area.)

The Migrator

The Migrator is docked and you know what that means! A peculiar red penguin with a beard will be visiting the island. You can scroll to the “Mascots” section to find out which one. Anyway, those matters aside. There’s a Migrator Catalog with secrets. (refer to the picture for the secrets.)

There’s a CFC Pot in the ship as well. It also marks the return of the Treasure Hunt mini-game which is available for play in the Captain’s Quarters.

Secret Room

Psst… there’s a secret room to the bottom right of the Plaza

and the bottom left of the Town. Check it out for yourself!


If you’re a fan of reading, make sure to check out the three books on the bottom right of the Book Room.


There’s a bunch of new postcards that you can send for 10 coins each.

However, if you receive the purple postcard, then click on it for a brand new Springy Santa Hat.

Party Stamp

Other than the three donation stamps there’s also a tree mob stamp that you can get after wearing the Tree Costume along with 10 other penguins from the Gift Shop Catalog.


As I provided hints to in the Migrator section, Rockhopper will be a meet-able mascot during the Holiday Party. Remember to keep an eye on #tracker for updates.


Three brand new emotes have been added to the emote collection. They look really cool in my opinion.

Puffle Decorations

Each Puffle is going to have a distinct decoration on it, here’s an example of one on a White Puffle.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

This party has by far been one of my favorites. All the items and music give an amazing feeling to it. Get in the festive cheer, Christmas is now here! All the decorations are something you can’t miss. Stay safe and stay healthy Help Force.


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