[EU] Branch Battle

Hey Helpers! Both teams logged onto CPAM for a well fought battle following the Legends Cup Finals. We saw Team Ice Cream completely wipe out Team Pizza with a 3-1 win. Can Team Ice Cream continue their winning streak and take it to a 5th week? Only time will tell! Be sure to attend the next Battle!

MAX: 33+

Make sure you comment below for points!

Room 1: Outside Mine
Both sides entered this room quickly and both had similar formations which overlapped each other. Throughout this phase of time, the majority of the tactics that I could see was Pizza’s which was damaging to Ice Cream. Overall Ice Cream were good but they weren’t seen as much for me.

Room 2: Pizza Parlor
Then we go to Pizza’s stomping grounds, but here it was the opposite. I saw a lot more of Ice Cream and I felt that at times Ice Cream were a tad faster the Pizza. This was a fair win for Ice Cream to tie the battle so far.

Room 3: Ski Village
Another good room here, but Ice Cream were very slow in creating their Surround formation. Despite this, they were very fast and strong in their formation which after a while became too powerful of Pizza. Because of this and their generally faster tactics, they stole this room but only just.

Room 4: Ship Deck
But then Ice Cream came in with an anchor formation which was also slowly formed. Once created it was good, and similar to the previous room, Pizza slowed down a lot which lost them their advantage. A draw after a fairly generic room is fair here.

Room 5: Ice Rink
And then it seemed that Team Pizza left the battle for 30 seconds. Ice Cream were the only team in the room for a while and because of this, Pizza lost the room instantly. They fought back but it wasn’t going to be enough to snatch a draw in this battle.

Thanks for attending the Branch Battle, We hope to see you again!
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  1. Good Game Brace Battle!!

  2. I was there 🙂 woo gj team icecream- Slush

  3. i came to the branch battle

  4. I attended!

  5. I attended

  6. Thank YOU for Hosting, Snowflake


  8. I attended UwU

  9. I was there! Unleash The Power of Helping😉

  10. I attended. Help Force Best Force!

  11. Yeee I came

  12. I was there, rip pizza

  13. I was there as P1846

  14. i was there 🙂

  15. I was there 🙂

  16. I came.

    Pizza will prevail ome dayyyyy

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