Hello Helpers! Today we logged on into CPATG – ALASKA for our branch battle. The event went well with amazing tactics and formations.

MAX: 29+

Comment on the post if you came for points!

Room 1: Pet Shop Both teams were ready at the start of the battle for this intense affair but it was Team Fire who deployed their formation first, with Team Water lagging behind in quality quite often. Tactics were of similar quality throughout but Team Fire put the tactics to better use in this room.

Room 2: Docks A solid room at the request of Team Fire, with both teams performing well. Similar tactic quality and style meant that this room lacked something special from both teams. The formations were decent but with no deciding factor this room ends in a draw.

Room 3: Cove Similar to the first room, Team Water were slow in creating formations and were behind Team Fire in number of tactics done in the room. Water’s request didn’t pay off as their Y formation was ambitious but not of enough quality to prevent the insults from Team Fire.

Room 4: Pool This room was very good from both teams, with formations more solid and the speed similar for both groups. Team Water used different bombing styles including wipers which was more original than some of Team Fire’s tactics.

Room 5: Ski Village Once again, the deciding factor was the formation. Team Water were slow and Team Fire made the most of their lead on them with good tactic quality again. Bombing came in good use here for Team Fire which made it almost impossible for Water to come back, despite their best efforts.

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