Tistle’s Spectacular Staff Survey! Edition #1

Hey Helpers!

Welcome to the first edition of my Staff Survey Blog Series! You might be wondering what kind of questions I have planned to ask the staff in this brand new blog I’m sure. Every week or two, I will be asking every staff member in Help Force the same question that’s CP related, then compare their answers with each other to figure out the staff’s official favorite thing for that particular question!

For the first edition, I came up with my own question, but in the future I’d like you readers to give me suggestions on suitable questions to ask the staff! But more of that later, let’s get into this!

Question: What are your top 5 favorite rooms on CP? (For hanging out or for leading in)

After a lot of confused responses from the Staff, I finally managed to get a response from most of them on their favorite rooms. I will go through their responses individually, then add up their scores according to the rank they gave the room.

Rank 1 = 7 points
Rank 2 = 5 points
Rank 3 = 3 points
Rank 4 = 2 points
Rank 5 = 1 point

Crystal: Ice Rink – Docks – Beach – Ski Lodge – Book Room

Dlark: Pool – Cove – Inside Mine – Iceberg – Town

Eliteslayer: Town – Iceberg – Pizza Parlor – Pool – Plaza

Hagrid: Docks – Ice Rink – Iceberg – Snow Forts – Plaza

Hannah: Hidden Lake – Book Room – Pizza Parlor – Docks – Night Club

Jayden: Plaza – Iceberg – Ice Rink – Coffee Shop – Pizza Parlor

Juanita: Cove – Ice Rink – Town – Inside Mine – Dojo

Kendall: Inside Mine – Hidden Lake – Ice Rink – Beach – Cove

Komal: Coffee Shop – Stage – Lighthouse – Town – Night Club

Marshmallow: Night Club – Town – Iceberg – Ski lodge – Pizza Parlor

Moon: Ice Rink –  Mine Inside – Hidden Lake – Docks – Iceberg

Nell: Ice Rink – Iceberg – Beach – Town – Hidden Lake

Tistle: Town – Iceberg – Beach – Coffee Shop – Hidden Lake

After calculating the scores, I found the top 3 most liked rooms from the whole staff! They are as follows…

In 3rd place with an amazing 27 points…. Town

In 2nd place with a stunning 29 points…. Iceberg

In 1st place with a tremendous 37 points…. Ice Rink

A big thank you to all the staff for participating in this survey! If you’d like to recommend the next question for the staff, DM Tistle #0102 for a chance to get a shoutout and bonus Bot Money! :ayan_hat:

Big shout out and thank you to Mess for designing this awesome logo at such short notice!


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