Hey Helpers! Today was the first battle of Team Fire and Team Water after the name change. Both the teams did well and Team Water won 4-0

MAX : 28+

Comment down below if you came for points!

Room 1: Inside Mine Team Water flowed into this room quickest and were wide awake in this room. A couple of good formations and speedy tactics were enough to see of a lathargic Team Fire in this first room. They were also slightly outmanned, meaning Team Fire would have had to perform much better in this room to even draw it.

Room 2: Iceberg In my opinion, the best room from both teams. A solid V formation from Team Water was a big statement, with almost 100% accuracy on all tactics in this room. Hot Sauce were still a bit behind this time, but there formations were less impressive and they couldn’t keep the pace up with their tactics.

Room 3: Pet Shop This room was tight too, but I found it very hard to determine a clear winner for this room. Both teams were good for speed and their formations were on par with each other. Neither team used anything extraordinary and this meant that this average room was not won clearly by any outstanding tactics. A draw here.

Room 4: Hidden Lake Reasonably good from both, a couple of questionable formations in this room quality-wise. A main problem being both teams jumping with tactics that weren’t in synchronization. This I felt let down Team Fire here. A good display in the last couple of minutes including an average wiper tactic but the max was the deciding factor here. This result meant TW sweep the battle with a room to go.

Room 5: Pizza Parlor Team Fire’s scatter tactic was not as powerful as they’d have hoped it to be, with TW using an L formation and a neat Reverse Y formation. Again tactics were pretty decent from both in this room but Fire could have used their themed room to their advantage a bit more, and weren’t as original as I’d have hoped here.

15 Responses

  1. I was there!

  2. Attended! WATER WATER WATER uwu

  3. I came. Good battle, Waßer. We’ll get you next time.

  4. i attended!! (: fire will rise again

  5. GG to both Teams. Amazing battle !
    Team Water Forever !

  6. Attended

  7. GG to both Teams. Amazing battle !
    Team Water Forever !
    (the anonymous person was me btw, idky my name wasnt shown :flop: )

  8. I attended! Nice work everyone! WATER ALL THE WAY

  9. I was there (qtbabe47)

  10. I attended, go water!!!


  12. Team Fire will once again return and win…………

  13. I was there… Team Water for lyf

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