[EU] Mining Event

Hey Helpers! Today the EU division logged onto Blizzard for a Mining Event and everyone wore their Miner Helmets! The rooms in which several tactics, bombs and formations were performed were Town, Iceberg & The Cave Mine. These were lead by Hannah, Nelly & Ken.


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Thank you for coming, we hope to see you again!
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  1. I attended!

  2. i was there!

  3. I attended! Gj everyone!

  4. i was there!

  5. Attended!

  6. attended

  7. I’m really so proud of everyone today.. Leaders u did sooooooo beautifully and the event was super hype, positive, and cheerful.. wonderful and fast tactics and formations so great great great job. I’m as well so proud of everyone who attended because u were the reason the cheerfulness is complete, the event is made, and the happiness is showering.!;)<3

  8. I attended!

  9. I attended 🙂

  10. I attended! Thank you for hosting 😀

  11. I attended, great and fun event. Thank you for hosting!

  12. i attendeddd!

  13. I attended
    It was funny :))

  14. i attended 🙂

  15. I attended! NiceWolf

  16. […] second event for the day was a [EU] Mining Event with a max of a huge number of 48+ whilst being hosted by Hannah, Nelly, and Ken. With this large […]

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