Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR – Blizzard for our Sheep Takeover Event where everyone was dressed up as a sheep!! The event went very well with amazing tactics and formations, the event included these rooms – Town, Forest and Docks led by Crystal, Jayden and Alexei respectively.

MAX: 34+

Comment if you came for promotions!

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  1. I attended

  2. i was there!

  3. I attended. Ty for hosting!

  4. I attended

  5. Attended! Ty for hosting

  6. i attended!

  7. I ATTENDED- Dark_Angel

  8. Amazing posttttttt.! and im so proud of everyone today because the event was so special and it’s been a long while since we’ve made a sheep event haha and thank u to our hosts and everyone who attended because it’s the reason it was so wonderful.. amazing tactics and formations as wellllllllll..!!;))<3<3

  9. Attended

  10. Great eventtttt

  11. i attended!! (: WOOL you pls give me a promo?🥺❤️hahah

  12. Attended

  13. I attended

  14. I attended

  15. I attended

  16. i attendedddd :3 thank you for hosting!

  17. I attended this event, Thanks for hosting everyone

  18. someone from your group advertised to me and i said the disc link was expired and it worked for her because she was already in the discord she disagreed and wouldnt invite me

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