[EU] Branch Battles

Hey Helpers! On Sunday we logged onto CPR for our weekly Branch Battles!

Room 1: Ski Village Both teams were evenly matched on maxes at the start of the event. The Yellow team entered the room a few seconds before the Red team which gave them an advantage. Both sides had quick and inventive tactics and it was extremely hard to decide a winner, however the first factor was reasonably decisive. Winner: Yellow Team

Room 2: Plaza In this room both entered at the same time, maintaining their maxes as they once again battled using clever tactics and effective bombs to their advantage. This was the hardest to decide a winner for, but towards the end of the room the Red team picked up the pace and used innovative tactics to counteract Yellow’s cheeky side. Winner: Red Team

Room 3: The Beach On this occasion, the Red team entered the room far earlier than the Yellow and gained in numbers in the final room. Despite Yellow’s best efforts, the Red team matched them for speed and imagination and won the 3rd room. Winner: Red Team

Final Score: Red Team 21 Yellow Team Congratulations to both teams on an incredibly tight battle!

MAX: 16+


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