Battle Training

Greetings everybody! 2 days ago we had a battle training going on and we had all ended it with a warm smile! A HUGE thanks to both our founder and Expert Moderator KitKat89 and Attacker for leading this very successful training session!

We all started off at the Iceberg where we were practicing some new tactics and formations to get ready for our final battle. The new practical formations included Lines, Circles, X, H, F. We then switched to town where we all practiced our formations in a much more crowded region but that didn’t stop us from continuing the practice. In fact it couldn’t have gone better! We had placed an incredible performance in town in which we have even recruited numerous members along the way!

We would also like to say THANK YOU for all those who attended and made all of this possible with us!

Comment Below if you came to the Event !

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