Hey Helpers! Today we logged on into CPATG – Zipline for another branch battle! The event went very well with amazing tactics and formations! The event included these rooms, Mine, Hidden Lake, Iceberg, Box dimension and the Ship Hold!

MAX: 31+

Comment on the post if you came for promos!


Faces of the Force – Roxy

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to the Faces of the Force series. This was an important blog that took the interviews of regular/non-staff troops. The last FoTF was publishied in January, but today, Marshmallow and Komal bring to you, a revival of Faces of the Force!

The most important and powerful thing about HF is the active members of the army. These troops are what keep the army alive and allow it to survive. These troops can often be seen attending many events, segments, and recruiting lots of people. They are also very friendly and enjoy chatting! Without further ado, we’d like to introduce this week’s Face of The Force, Roxy!