After the closure of cpatg and the legend-cups going on strong, we had another branch battle this week where we logged on to the new temporary cpps and saw a victory of Team Ice Cream 3 -1. Team Ice Cream managed to keep their winning streak of 3! Will Team Pizza defeat Team Ice cream and get the win? Only time will tell!!!

MAX: 35+

Comment on the post if you came for points!Room 1: Iceberg Both teams had a good room here, collectively I felt this was pretty solid quite often. Both teams were strong but I felt Ice Cream had a touch more speed at times, with the double line formation being formed quickly and smoothly. A narrow but deserved lead for Ice Cream.

Room 2: Inside Mine This room was pretty interesting too. Though for the most part I thought Pizza were going to win, having had better forms for the first 4 minutes. But then in the final 90 seconds Ice Cream covered their formation and I could only see their tactics, this alone pulled a draw for them but I didn’t think it was enough for a win. A draw for me here is fair.

Room 3: Stadium Ice Cream then turned on the heat, and amazingly they didn’t melt down. Their bombing tactic was ambitious and to an extent it was successful. I felt the Pizza were also ambitious in trying to surround the rink, and with that meant it took too long for people to find a gap. Ice Cream’s speed and creativity won this for them.

Room 4: Gift Shop Another room which Ice Cream started off the stronger of the two. Their formation completely blocked Pizza’s T formation and this put them in a great position. Pizza responded with a bunch bomb and new formations, but even with the good recovery Ice Cream managed to hold their nerve and seal a win here too.

Room 5: Hidden Lake By this point Ice Cream were brimming with confidence, and were much faster into the Hidden Lake than Pizza. However from there it started to fall apart. Ice Cream’s scatter formation was weak and their max had somehow deteriorated where Pizza were clearly the better team. Their plus formation was powerful and despite a few rockhoppers, they snatched a consolation win.


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