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Faces of The Force – Valour

Faces of The Force

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to another new edition of the Faces of The Force series! If you’re new to the Help Force or don’t know what this is, then every week, I interview an active member of the Help Force and write a post about them! Every active member of the force has a very high chance of being the Face of the force! So this week’s FoTF is…….. Valour!!

About Valour

Valour is an extremely active AUSIA member of the Help Force army! He recently got promoted to High Command for his hard work! He’s also a youtuber and quite frequently records important operations for people to watch! Make sure to say a Hi when you see him in the chat!!!

Please note that nothing in the following interview has been edited from its original words.

Marsh: Hey Valour, great to have you here!

Hi Marsh! It’s wonderful to be here too.

Marsh: That’s greeattt! Alrighttyy, shall we start the interview then? :p

Yessss i’m ready for the interview! Lets begin.

Marsh: Niceee thats great, so I’ll ask the most simple question first, when did you first join the force?

I joined the Help Force on 28th of July, while randomly stumbling across one of the Stamp Segments .
Marsh: Ahaa thats greattt, really amazingg!! What caused you to like Help force and stay?
From the very first day i joined, the members greeted me a very warm welcome, the staff helped me a lot to get to know the Help Force better, and the team did help me get hard stamps on CPR as well. The caring and loving nature of everyone made me stay here. The Help Force also gave me a platform to meet new people and communicate with others as well. Oh and the events and battles, those are really fun to be a part of.
Marsh: Awe thats so sweet of youuuu, we are all really glad you are a part of us, love it! Is there anything that you love doing in real life? Like hobbies?
I’m so glad to be a part of the Help Force as well :CH_mPaintHeart:. Some things i like to do include travelling alone across the city, mostly play Volleyball and Basketball as casual, and I really love to swim as well.
Marsh: Greatt thats amazing, is there a specific memory in the force that you loved and will never forget?
There are many fabulous moments that i’ll surely cherish back. The day i got promoted to Major, the GoTW week :hehe:, Ru’s bollywood nights, and having quizzes and playing games like Among Us and Skribbl.io with the community.
Marsh: Ahaa thats nice, glad you enjoyed! So you’re a youtuber in the force, is this hard or enjoyable, what do you think?
Being a Youtuber here, especially with Barney’s help, really helped me get a grip on video editing; it’s really really enjoyable, recording them to look back at, and one of the main reasons i come to Battles and huge events but that kept aside, I really wanted to contribute to HF as well in every way i could in return of the wonderful things the community has done for us Helpers.
Marsh: HAHAHAA, thats amazingg. Sooo is there any staff member that you look up to?
I look up to each and every Staff member in HF. Everyone is really sweet and kind and well deserving in upbringing the Help Force. But if you’d force me to pick one of them, Barney really has helped me a lot. Be it regarding how does everything work here, or assistance for youtube, and even motivation to keep me going for exams, really look up to him.
Marsh: Yep Barney has indeed helped a lot of peopleee, is there anything that you want to tell to the reading helpers?
What i want to say is you all are wonderful people and i’m really obliged to have met you all. Thank you all for helping each and everyone be it in CPR or be it in times of need. You really make me feel special as a member of the Help Force. Keep Unleashing the Power of Helping :hflove:.
Marsh: Thank you for the amazing interview, see you next timeee!!
Thank you all for reading, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for another edition of Faces of the Force! Make sure to comment down below who you want to see next or if you learnt something new about Valour!

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Website Head, HF General

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