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Help Force Insight- Tearing up Tournaments [Nov 29-Dec 5]


What’s poppin Helpers?

Welcome to this weeks edition of

Help Force Insight

Help Force Insight (HFI) will always be about the previous Sunday and the following week (Sunday-Saturday)

Table of Contents

  • What’s happening
  • Army statistics
  • Week in short
  • GoTW Interview

What’s Happening

This week we saw Help Force enter into two battles! Both battles were rounds in a tournament that help force conquered with ease. This moves Help Force onto the next round of both tournaments, lets tear up the rest of these tournaments!!

The first was [EU] Christmas Chaos X Round 1 vs Secret Service. This was the first round of the Christmas Chaos tournament and Help Force smashed it by maxing 50+. Due to our larger size, Help Force won all 3 rooms of this battle!

Later in the week, we saw the quarterfinals for the Aces of AUSIA tournament, [AUSIA] Aces Of AUSIA Quarterfinals vs Pizza Federation. This battle was a Help Force victory, with Pizza Federation never even showing up. Keep up the great work and destroy that next battle helpers!!

Army Statistics

This was an incredible week for Help Force!

We started the week by climbing to 3rd place on the Major Armies Top Ten!! Keep up the amazing work Helpers!
Thanks to CPAH for that statistic!


This was an incredible week for helpers. To start with we, we saw the server grow by 74 members this week. Great work recruiters, we appreciate all of you.

Furthermore, almost every time zone increased their average max by a considerable amount! Not to mention our weekly average reached 50, 7 more than last week’s average. Amazing job helpers!

Week in short

Sunday, November 29

Today was the [EU] Christmas Chaos X Round 1 vs Secret Service. The helpers smashed this battle, maxing 51+. Barnito lead the helpers to victory this battle.

Monday, November 30

GO TEAM HELP FORCE!!!! Because today we logged on for the [INT] Soccer Ball Takeover that was lead by Kara, Nelly, Ru, Rooboo, and Joe. It maxed 45+

Tuesday, December 1

Today we had two magnificent events! The first was the [AUSIA] Blue Soccer Jersey Takeover. It maxed 51+ and was lead by jayden, marsh, and kara. We logged on again later in the day for the [US] Stamp Missions on CPR. It maxed an impressive 57+ and was lead by Chickn

Wednesday, December 2

Today had the [EU] Coffee Crew Takeover that maxed 45+ and was lead by Rooboo, Wynn, and Nell. Cool beans.

Thursday, December 3

Hope your still hungry helpers, because today we logged on for the [AUSIA] PIZZA CHEF TAKEOVER that maxed 48+. It was lead by Jayden, Kara, and Ru

Friday, December 4

In preparation for the massive battles coming up, we spent a day resting and training to ensure we would crush the upcoming tournaments.

Saturday, December 5

Today, Help Force Crushed the [AUSIA] Aces Of AUSIA Quarterfinals vs Pizza Federation with a max of 50+. The Pizza boys gave us the win by not even showing up so Help force had a great practice session for the massive Christmas Chaos battle tomorrow.

GoTW Interview

This week we saw Comedy#5948 narrowly win the title of GoTW!
She started the week off with at a large disadvantage but managed to shoot up the leaderboardin record time through hard work and intense recruiting. 

HFI: Hi comedy!! It’s an honor to finally get to interview you. Congratulations on winning GoTW!!!!! How does it feel to have finally won GoTW for a second time?

Comedy: Hey nuggsHFI. It feels good although I do kind of wish Diwix and I could have tied. Has never been done before and we both had GOTW before so that would have been fun. It was very tight in the end.

HFI: ooh, i wonder what we would do if there was tie! :shooketh: I wonder if a tie will ever happen? What has motivated to go for this achievement not just once, but twice?

Comedy: Well, I was down by a lot at the start. I don’t think I was even in the top 5 but the difference wasn’t outrageous. I thought it might be a fun challenge to see how many points I could get considering I had missed so many segments. Plus, I really wanted my colors back. Being rec god is great and all, but I prefer my purples… However, I really thought Diwix had it in the end. Now I’m happy I got those last few recruits

HFI: YES!!! Purple is amazing :mo: !!! I must say, your win was one of the most impressive ones i have ever seen and so close too!!! Gathering an insane amount of recruits in such a short time and winning by a slight 40 point lead!! Now that you have won it twice, will you ever go for it a third time to get the coveted GoTW Specialist role?

Comedy: Ya, I have never had so many recruits so quickly. Usually, I spread it out over at least a week but I needed them fast since it was the only way to close the gap. I told someone I would take the lead and they wanted to see me try since I was so far down. I think I got to the top a few hours later. Diwix did really well though! It was neck and neck and I wasn’t sure who was going to have it when it was all said and done. In terms of Specialist, I’m thinking about it. It’s so close but I don’t know if I have anymore recruiting luck left. I might make everybody cry if I do the same this week that I did last.

HFI: This GoTW struggle was one to remember, shooting up the leaderboard seemingly overnight and still barely pulling far enough ahead to win. Well done to both Comedy and your competitor Diwix, your day of GoTW glorly is not far ahead. I hope you go for specialist some day!! It’s such a rare and hard to achieve role!! Switching the topic a little, what do you enjoy doing while your not in HF?

Comedy: I’m a big gardener and I have some other things going on as well. I don’t do many exciting things so there isn’t much to spill there lol I have my little side projects that I do, but nothing much fun unless you like watching me build stuff.

HFI: oh? Gardening and building! That sounds quite fun, glad you found something you enjoy doing, and don’t worry about not having much exciting stuff. I am super boring too Care to tell us more about your little side projects or what you build?

Comedy: Oh! I borrowed a 3D printer so I have been playing with that, although it’s expensive to run with the filament. I also build models, like the true geek that I am. We have ferris wheels, buildings, animals, cars, airplanes, etc. I’m currently working on Cinderella’s castle from Disneyworld. It’s how I calm down after studying. It gives me a chance to process what I have read.

HFI: wow!! That sounds so cool!! 3D Printers and the stuff you can do with them are so cool and insane! Models are fun too, although take a ton of time and patience but i would agree, sounds like an amazing way to calm down. I might even have to try that :hehe~5: I am so glad you have found so many things that you enjoy! One more question to end it off, what would you say to anyone reading this going for GoTW?

Comedy: One word: Recruit. You don’t need to be at every segment, but you need to recruit, because I might be coming for you, just for sport :wink:. Something inspirational because Nuggs demands it…. Ummm…. You got this!!!

HFI: how powerful and inspiring words. That was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell :neutral_face: But in all honesty, it’s good advice. Recruiting is the corner stone of achieving GoTW whether it’s reaching Recruiter of Seg or the extra out of seg points. Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed today, it was good to learn all about Doctor Comedy and you were amazing to interview!

Comedy: Thanks nuggsHFI. Love you too :parrotlover:

Thanks for taking the time to read this edition of Help Force Insight!!! We hope you enjoyed reading all about this busy week! LETS GO TEAR UP SOME TOURNAMENTS!!!!

HFI Writer: Chickn Strips

Editor: Barnito

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