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Aces of AUSIA Quarterfinals vs Pizza Federation

Heyoo Helpers! Today we logged onto CPArmies – White House server for our battle against the Pizza Federation. Due to PZF not showing up, Help Force took the win for this battle! Even though we won when just 10 minutes in, we used the rest of the time for a fun tour around CPArmies and basically doing a battle preparation. Good job Helpers! Keep it up!

Max: 50+


2 Responses

  1. It was such a nice battle. Even though our opponents did not show up, we were not aware of that till almost the end of the battle. We were under the assumption that we were truly battling another army. I was so happy to see most to all of our tactics very well done and coordinated pretty excellently. For me this battle was a very good one for us where we all get together and can truly together show what we are capable of and more! This battle made me pretty happy indded for everything that it was. I am very exited for all the battles we will face in the future!

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