How To: Fun Events- Card-Jitsu

So, helpers, there is a Card-Jitsu event soon! And if you haven’t been in one, here is how it goes!

As you can see a signup form is given above! To participate you must fill that form to be in the tournament!

Fill in the Info below with your discord username( it can be your nickname on the server) and your CP Name.

Once the form is filled you will need to wait for the event. When it is time to log on, you must be ready in the Dojo. The host will then tell you to possibly go in formation and say a tactic. once this is done, the tournament list is displayed to you to see. There will be Rounds that can be at least 3 rounds depending on the number of people attending.

Now round 1 will begin. When the Host says Round 1 starts, All people from round 1 will go ahead. When you have finished your match in round won you are requested to say and also send a screenshot saying you have won. After that, you should not play the next round until everyone from round 1 is done and the host announces the next round can begin.

This process is repeated until the finals!

Once the finals end, Well… That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this quick little guide for The Card-Jitsu Tournament. Good Luck!

Help Force Insight!- The New Era of Leadership!

Hey there guys! As you can see the Insight is back…Yes, we know its been almost a year, but hey, all that matters is that we are back! There has been a lot that has happened with the Help Force over this past week and we are going to get you up to speed!

Well, 2 weeks ago on 27th Jan, 2020 an announcement was published by our founder, Ayan.


How To: Stamps(Insanity)

Hey guys,

If you have ever gotten bored on CPR or even done something and randomly seen “stamp collected” with a logo of something on the top-right of your screen, well then you have found a STAMP!

With a few pictures we “borrowed” from the CPR Wiki, we shall explain to you what these stamps are and how to get the hardest ones


How To: Igloo Raids

Welcome to the Tutorials of Events. Today we take a look at one of the exciting events called Igloo Raids.

The HF hosts amazing events like the igloo raids.For Igloo Raids an announcement is given 24 Hours or earlier. In that announcement we are given a form! In that form we are required to say our Penguin name to make identifying easier. When the event starts it is usually the first person who filled the form in. one of the reasons for an Iggy Raid was so we could get the 30 Penguin Igloo Party Stamp!

The event is normally hosted by the Mother Cow of HF CPO Spotty.

The process is as follows:-