The Colourful Story Writing Competition

Stories are an amazing thing to write. They contain messages, emotions, and so many relatable things for a reader. They can be used to express emotions, to send a message, or simply to entertain. This month, in honor of pride, we wanted to do something special for our community; we’ll be hosting a story writing competition taking pride in the rainbow.

The pride flag symbolises many things, and although varying from person to person, most commonly its colours represent:

Red – Life

Orange – Healing

Yellow – Sunlight

Green – Nature

Blue – Harmony/Peace

Purple – Spirit

To celebrate pride month and the rainbow flag, HF presents to you a story writing competition! What’s the theme, you ask? The 6 colors of the rainbow flag. Each story should be centered around one of the colors of the pride flag. It can be anything you want it to be about, and does not have to be limited to the meaning of one of the colors.
Ex: Yellow, can be a story about sunsets or even sunflowers, whereas blue can be about the skies, the ocean or even a blue flower

Let your creativity flow in the next 2 weeks with wonderful colours and lots of pride!

Deadline for submission: 30th June 2021
Word Limit per Story: 150-200
Theme: Any of the 6 Pride Colors
Rewards: 100 Sapphires for participation + 50 for winning entries
Disclaimer: Posts including negativity or hate of any kind will not be permitted

We look forward to reading all your stories!
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  1. Super excited for this!

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