“The 13” [RESULTS]

In the hotly anticipated “The 13”, the original list of 45 candidates has been narrowed down to an ordered list of the most influential people in the Help Force. With plenty of votes coming in from the troops, staff members, as well as veterans, here are the results.

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“The 13” [Inductions] – 2020

Shalom Helpers.

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Battle Guide


Tactics are used in all events that we hold on CPR or CPATG. They are basically Words or Emotes, which need to be done throughout the Event. The Leader of the event will shout them out, such as “E7 ON 3” which once they count to 3 on discord you will use the emoji by pressing E + 7 on your keyboard creating the Wink Face on Club Penguin. It’s simple! With a number of other users repeating the same emoji it can create lots of intricate patterns that look amazing! Be sure to take pictures!

Similarly, The other kind of Simple tactics include Words. These include Leaders telling everyone to type a certain Phrase, For ex. “Unleash the Power of Helping”. On the count of 3, Everyone needs to enter it together on CP and keep copying and pasting it until another tactic is announced.

Example of a Battle :

Some of the Common Tactics used by HF are :

  • Room Change – This means changing the room, The Leaders would tell you to “Open Maps”. On the count of 3, You would need to switch to the Room announced doing a certain emote.
  • Bomb – Bombing means running in ANY DIRECTION doing a certain tactic announced.
  • Waterfall – Waterfall means running UP AND DOWN performing a certain tactic.
  • Rake – Rake means running LEFT TO RIGHT performing a certain tactic.
  • Wipe – Wiping means running to the OPPOSITE SIDE as announced and staying there after doing the tactic.
  • Tornado – Tornado means running in the CLOCKWISE DIRECTION doing a certain tactic.
  • Spearhead – Spearheading means [Only if you are in a Circle] RUNNING TOWARDS THE CENTER doing a certain tactic and RETURN BACK TO YOUR POSITION doing the same tactic.
  • Fatal 4 – This is a Collection of 4 Tactics done in succession. NO COUNTDOWNS are done for Fatal 4. You need to pay attention to the chat and do the Tactic as soon as the Leader tells you.

Note : Remember to keep doing the Tactics for atleast 6-7 Seconds.


When entering a new room or after using a bombing tactic, you will most likely be put into a new Formation. A Formation is basically the way we organize ourselves in the Event. It can be various Lines, A Plus, An X, Etc.

Remember : Do NOT Bunch. Bunching means sitting on top or very close to each other. That makes us look small. Make sure you have atleast a Visible Gap with the penguin next to you.


We use all of the above to go into a Battle. There are other armies in the Community who also train like us. We Battle them in Wars, Practice Battles, Tournaments, Etc. Battling is similar to a Normal Army Event, But you need to be more aware and hold tactics more longer in a Battle to defeat the other army.

[AUSIA] Tuba Gang Takeover

Hey There Helpers, Today we logged into Blizzard-CPR to participate in our Tuba Takeover Event !
Whilst it being an Amazing Event, with about a 35 Max, It was led by Ayan with amazing Formations and coordinated Tactics throughout the 4 Rooms which were done in the Event!

Max : 35+

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Activity – Troops

Hey there Everyone, After we moved to CPR, We gained a lot of New Troops as well as lost our few Active ones. This Post is made to check which Troops are currently active in the Army. Make sure to comment below this Post in the format provided !

Comment on this Post in this Format by 26th Jan or else your Ranks might be removed for Inactivity.

Name on Discord –
Current Rank –
Approximate Events attended in the Past Week –
[ If it’s 0 , State 0 ]

Commenting is absolutely necessary for the Staff team to know how many active troops are there in the army, How many are Inactive and how many are MIA. It helps us plan Events accordingly and tell those specific troops for Events who’re Alive.
Unleash the Power of Helping!

[EU] CPR Training Event

Hey there Helpers, The EU Division had a Breathtaking CPR Training today in which we wore our CPR Jerseys and had an Amazing Events with various Bombs.
We managed to Max around 28 Penguins, And Recruited 20 New People for it !

Max : 28

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[EU] Instrumental Takeover

Hey there Helpers, We logged in Blizzard CPR on Wednesday to for a Huge EU Instrumental Takeover.
We maxed over 25 Penguins with Amazing Tactics and New Recruits being a Part !

Max : 27

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[AUSIA] Pizza Penguin Takeover

Hey there Helpers, We logged in Blizzard CPR on Wednesday to grab some Pizzas in our AUSIA Event !
The Event went amazing with Perfectly co-ordinated tactics and formations. Have a Slice Day Everyone !

Max : 19

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Semi Finals – HF v ACP [ Holiday Championship ]

Hey Help Force, We had one of the most Exciting and Nerve Wracking Battles in our History the other day, When we went head on against the Army of Club Penguin in CPA!
The Atmosphere in the army from 24 hrs before the Battle was in a full on Recruitment Mode. We recruited about 90 Troops in 15 Hours, which shows the strength and unity of the army when it comes to participating in vital events like this one !

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End of the Year Awards 2019 [ RESULTS ]

Cheers to Everyone on entering 2020, Happy New Year and wishing you a great 2020 ! It’s proud to announce that we had an amazing turnout of people voting for the End of the Year Awards, Where we saw veterans logging on to vote, along with the people who left the army for another CPPS. We had an amazing voter turnout of about 60 People.
Presenting before you , the End of the Year Awards – 2019 ! It hasn’t just been counted by me, It has been counted by the Help Force Leaders, It also has been made sure that there were no repeated comments and that everyone voted fairly.
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