HF “13” — Summer Session 2021 [VOTING]

ZIPLINE, Help Force HQ — 
As summer ends, and life pushes people back into their daily routines, the Help Force administration is excited to begin the induction process of the HF 13 title.


Last summer, Help Force introduced an award to commemorate the thirteen most influential members of the army. In a voting process which involved making lists, members had the freedom to choose multiple options. Statistically, adding the results in a ranked format increased the accuracy by a huge number. Continuing the process this year, we have followed the same routine, but with a major twist.

Before I tell you what the change is, I need you to give some time of yours to think about why awards are necessary. Club Penguin Armies is a place separated from the real world where you can be whoever you want. It’s like a second home to some, and a hangout for the others, but what really makes us stay are the attachments we build to this virtual community. You are a hard-working member who wakes up every day to achieve something in this guild. Your work motivates you, and you get applauded for the same. Appraisal always serves as a motivation. In a community like ours, varied in all terms, it becomes vital to see through that screen and send as many compliments as you can, because that just might make their day.

Considering this, I shined the light on a major section of members who usually get subdued amidst the popularity contest. Unlike other awards, this list will not be nominating the winners of the past year to uplift and give a fair chance to every helper in the scenario. The new definition being: thirteen unique icons of the year who worked their way up to deserve this coveted title.

Voting List

How does the voting work? We simply want you to choose the 13 most deserving people from the nominee list. We have narrowed the list down to about 50 individuals. From that list, you narrow it down to the 13 most deserving and submit a vote in order, with 1 being the most deserving and 13 being the least. The candidates for this session’s HF 13 are below.

  1. AbsoluteTrash123
  2. Akaaro
  3. Alex1904
  4. Amelia (Chloe)
  5. Amy
  6. Archana
  7. Aqualisa
  8. Aurum
  9. Beasto
  10. Darknessbtw (Yoda)
  11. Desireus
  12. Dhanush
  13. Diwix
  14. Ducks (Vibe)
  15. Eshal
  16. Ivelkov
  17. Jason Red
  18. Janez
  19. Javi
  20. Jayden
  21. Joe
  22. Ken Kaneki
  23. Kenzie
  24. Maisie
  25. Mandal
  26. Mantiuxx
  27. Mayathefirst
  28. NervousZippo
  29. NIKO
  30. PinguMaliz
  31. Phoenix
  32. Planet
  33. Plotter
  34. Rooboo
  35. Ru (Emma)
  36. Sam Chilles
  37. SiriusBlack
  38. Sisies
  39. Slush
  40. Sophie Sapphire
  41. Snowflake
  42. Snowy
  43. Sprince
  44. Syd
  45. SwagerGamer
  46. Tbluepenguin
  47. Tboi
  48. Vixx
  49. Walver
  50. Wynn

For fairness’ sake, we ask that you vote based on merit, and be as unbiased as possible. As already mentioned earlier, we ask you to take these candidates and form a list of the 13 most deserving people, from most deserving to least deserving, considering the period from January to September (2021).

It is important to note that if your vote does not comprise 13 people in order from 1 to 13, your vote will not be counted. While the list is supposedly large, making the list itself does not take that long once you begin, and we hope that this list, like last year, will be a success.
Best of luck to all the candidates, and thank you to anyone who submits their votes.


Voting Procedure (comments of this post)

Copy the format in the comments section, and fill it up:

Discord Name:

<Your list of the 13 most deserving nominees>

Voting ends on 9th September: 2:00 PM BST


HF Creator & CPA Legend

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