Administrative Announcement: To New Beginnings

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters — Help Force aims for excellence in everything that is done, whether that is keeping the community fresh, or having proper administrative renovations. As we enter a new generation, we’re excited to announce a remodeled line of roles and duties.

Board of Trustees

Every organization needs an administrative overseer. A “trustee” in this case describes a person who is responsible for making sure that the army remains stable. The board will be advising commanders, handling any conflicts between leaders, finance, and other backend processes. The board has administrative powers on the discord, placed below the commanders. They shall not interfere in administrative decisions until asked to do so by the commanders.

We felt the need to make this official because of the community’s internal growth, among other reasons. The people chosen for the board have dedicated quality time for the army and are respected universally. They are as follows:


The current leadership will be stepping down and taking over the role of trustees on 4th December, 2021.

Exact timings of the retirement event will be released in the discord itself.

Administrative Hierarchy


A commander is responsible for everything that goes on in the army. This is the topmost role in the administrative hierarchy. Any community concerns, major decisions, and statements are to be made by the people in this rank. They can use their discretion in making changes to the army. Army-altering decisions are to be discussed with the trustees, making it go through a proper system of checks and balances.


The right-hand of the commanders. This rank also possesses administrative powers. They are responsible for maintaining the army with the commanders, handling internal affairs, and managing the high command. Any decisions made must be discussed with the commanders first.


These comprise the upper staff ranks. They form the core team of the workforce and handle duties together with the other members.

After a unanimous vote among the commanders, we have decided to dissolve the advisor rank. With there being almost no certain criteria for this role, it became one of the weakest links of the staff framework. This, however, is subject to change as new opportunities rise for the army in the near future.

A stable structure is vital for each army. I would like to personally thank the entire community for supporting us in every step we take. We hope to see the same from you in future, as we enter a new generation. Keep grinding, and unleash the power of helping.

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