Force Arcadium: The Beginning

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

3 years, 3 months, 13 days. Over these past few years Help Force has grown into a community with thousands of people from all over the world. This community has seen some ups and downs, but through it all, we’ve always stood united and never given up. In order to make our dream come true, we’ve officially decided to expand our discord into the gaming universe and we created —
The Force Arcadium.

What is the Force Arcadium?

The Force Arcadium is a multi-game community currently serving gamers across various titles. Hierarchically organized under bigger factions of ‘Legions’ and smaller ‘Branches’, we are players gathered together under a single banner to game and build lasting friendships.

Basically, we have expanded our horizons from Club Penguin to the entire gaming universe. Each game has its own division, and gets their personal discord after gaining an active player-base.

What are ‘Legions’ and ‘Branches’?

Both of these terms are related to the several gaming sectors in the arcadium. Any game added to the arcadium first gets to be a branch (have a channel and role in the server). Once it gets enough activity, the game turns into a legion and gets a personal discord (for ex. Help Force for the game Club Penguin).

Can I open a gaming division under the Arcadium?

Yes. If you want to start your own personal Pokemon clan under this, we’ll gladly let you do it. Stay tuned for the register channel, which might drop anytime soon.

Which games are currently a part of the server?

As of right now, Help Force (Club Penguin) is the only legion. Branches include Among Us, Battle Royale, Krunker, Minecraft, and Supercell.

Let’s proceed with the details of the main attraction — The Minecraft SMP.



For those of you who don’t know what Minecraft is, it’s basically a open world sandbox game. You’re able to build and create to your heart’s content, in both survival and creative.

Our Minecraft SMP goes by the name Unorthodox which was created by members of our staff team and is available to join now. A Minecraft SMP stands for survival multiplayer. You are able to play with people all over the world using servers like this. Usually people play with just a close group of friends, but with this server you will be able to play with other people you’ve never even met.

This server runs a vanilla gameplay, with a few cool plugins you’ll see around the server. Vanilla means there’s no additional mods or add-ons that are needed to play on this server, which makes it easier for everyone to access. Stay tuned for future updates as the server grows and we start adding new things to make gameplay more exciting.

Our server currently runs the most recent Minecraft update, which means you are able to enjoy all the new items and mobs that were added.


  • Includes a personal lobby, shop, and various places to explore.
  • Works on the latest Minecraft update.
  • You can create your own player shops to sell things!
  • Supports Pirated Minecraft.

Please note that this is available for beta-access. We’re yet to add ranking systems and special items for you! Stay tuned for such updates.

Here are some high-quality screenshots from the Unorthodox SMP.

Unorthodox SMP

And from here…

The sky is the true limit.

~ Force Arcadium Administration ~

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