we got the happy room stamp

4 years to this cringe.

blue: me // white: kiara753

I absolutely hate looking back at how I used to communicate. That’s life though, isn’t it. Your curiosity makes you experiment, you fall flat on your face, and you learn how to become better eventually.

Let this be an example for you. There was only one motive behind all of it. I f***ing needed stamps. Pure innocence. Raw determination. And a 13 year old’s enthusiasm to just help everyone I could find. I’ve been there too, where you are right now.

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We, as a community are drifting away from this very notion of playing this game as a game. If you’re logging on discord and getting stressed rather than relieving it, introspect. You’re not robots. You’re not in this community to earn.

A thirteen year-old formed this army to help people with stamps. He used to play the game religiously with the 36 members in the discord server, trying to grow it whilst sweating his ass off in the Card Jitsu tournaments. There was the major element of having fun which brought us all together, and motivated us to work even harder.

Only as a community can we advance together. So just have fun, will ya?

4 years to this beautiful creation. Happy Birthday, Help Force.

P.S: I’m really busy irl so no 2k word philosophical post this once.


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