HF Summer Thirteen ’21

ZIPLINE, Administrator Headquarters — As the voting season comes to an end, we bring to you the results of the coveted Help Force 13.

Before starting with the list and biographies, I would like to thank each one of you who took their time to submit their votes. Voting is necessary. This applies to any part of your life, be it your real life ventures or an online community. As an active helper in the army, you have the duty to vote. Like I’ve mentioned previously, awards are vital for the survival of a healthy organization. Every vote counts, especially when it’s bound to be a close contest.

(and for those who didn’t vote, I hope you don’t find chocolate at the bottom of your ice-cream cone :P)

We simply wanted you to choose the 13 most deserving people of 2021 up till now. The order was made through a points system, with 13 points being given for being positioned first in a vote until the 13th placed person was given 1 point. This was done for every vote until each candidate was given an overall total.

Below is the 13 selected by the helpers in order, with the number of points they received.

1. Wynn (266)

2. Snowy (256)

3. Joe (226)

4. Mayathefirst (221)

5. RU (205)

6. Rooboo (164)

7. Jayden (147)

8. Desireus (141)

9. Mandal (140)

10. Walver (138)

11. AbsoluteTrash123 (103)

12. Alex (93)

13. Snowflake (79)

The classic January drama, tournaments, leagues: this year’s half has seen it all. This season saw Help Force rise through the times and outshine everyone else. The army worked together, as a team, and was ranked as the #1 army in multiple competitive weeks. We also witnessed the transition of the army from a Club Penguin guild to a multi-gaming community, Force Arcadium. We have brought together biographies for the top three candidates on the list, which you can see below.


After joining the Help Force in 2020, Wynn has been fully active and quite the definition of a ‘helper’. She never backs down from anything, lends a hand whenever needed and often is selfless and puts everyone else first.

Someone once said, ‘The best thing you could give to someone is a chance.’, and that’s exactly what I knew I had to do when it came to Wynn. She has always had that sparkle inside, that special something that let me know, a perseverant navigator like her was destined for greatness. She became one of the main pillars of the army, not only being a part of the EU’s development but to the other time zones as well.

Her promotions were inevitable, and Wynn became a part of the High Command faster than most people. Always improving herself, she has been of immense help during the March Madness tournament, the Silver Rush war, and the Legends Cup tournament, being a well known Recruiting God and a fantastic organizer. Now one of the people I’m most proud of in life, Wynn has conquered every obstacle and her journey is far from over yet.

~ Nell, Help Force Commander & Icon


“Work hard in silence, and let success make the noise”. Snowy is a true depiction of the image presented by the previous quote.
After all the the changes Help Force went through at the end of January 2021, Snowy rejoined the Help Force staff team as a General.

This being my first time working with her as staff, I shortly noticed how experienced and outgoing she was, you can always see her in chat whether it be about her famous ketchup cookies, rats, nap segments, she’s an exceptionally kind person and I myself have learned a lot from her. She has consistently shown that she is a essential member of the Help Force staff team, putting tons of work into recruiting, event planning and leading, moderating, and her effort in the US time zone is truly astounding.

With all that being said I truly believe she deserves all she has earned and look forward to continue working as staff along side her, keep unleashing the power of helping!

~ Joe, Help Force Second-in-Command & Achiever


Symbolizing composure and strong determination, Joe became a part of the Help Force in July 2020. Denoting a highly active presence helped him to indulge in the various activities of the Force. Being a very noticeable US troop, Joe earned a chance to prove himself worthy of being a Staff which he did so in a very diligent manner, helped him rank up quite swiftly.

Unscathed by any issue which showed up, he kept his calm, grasping any amount of experience he could from the higher ranks and improved on a gradual basis. As Marshal, his sole aim was to rebuild the sloppy US division with the help of the staff and together became the very column that the Pantheon needed.

His promotion to Second In Command came before the Silver Rush War during which the US Division had started to grow and get stronger. His US became the pivotal division during the War. Aiding alongside the leadership in the various Tournaments and the War, Joe always was patient and calm. Quiet and ever watchful of his members and striking when anyone least expects him to. I could never be more proud of Joe, of where he is now and to what heights he will reach.

~ Vedant, Help Force Commander & Stalwart

And this concludes the Summer HF Thirteen session. We hope to see you again in December for the Winter session.
Who is going to win the Golden Helpers award of this year?


Help Force Creator & Legend


Help Force Commander & Legend

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