Come to the Joviet Union

The Joviet Union is the greatest Minecraft nation on the Arcadium server. The person that lives there enjoys a vast amount of luxury, with every item in the game at his doorstep. Here is a guide on what you can see in the Joviet Union.

Giant Buildings

The Joviet Union contains many massive and tall buildings. These buildings house essential infrastructure which every nation needs to survive. Out of all of the nations, the Joviet Union contains the biggest base by far. The Joviet Union also has a nice lava theme aesthetic, making it a rather hot place to be, even hotter than Hot Chocolate.

Great Farms

The Joviet Union has a great industrial capacity, all centred in one major district. Unlike other nations, the Joviet Union’s transport system is based on the modern-day elytra, rather than outdated tridents and horses. This allows the Joviet Union to build ultra-compact farms which produce thousands of items a minute. These farms are not only efficient, but they also look good, making them good sightseeing spots.

Glorious Chicks

The Joviet Union is best known for its chicks. Lots and lots of chicks. Not chicks in terms of what Choco wants but will never get, but chicks in terms of chickens.

So many chicks that even the people of Neotopia want to see them. This is really what sets the Joviet Union apart from other nations. The chicks are the key, underlying factor that makes the Joviet Union the best nation. No other nation is able to generalise the struggles of the proletariat and their need for chicks as much as the Joviet Union does. That pretty much seals the deal. If you want to go somewhere, go to the Joviet Union. Do it for the chicks.

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