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Animal Interview – Jakuba

Hey Helpers! Welcome to another post of the Animal Interview, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them!

Today, I’m going to interview one of our current junior staff, Jakuba, and I’m going to ask him to send some descriptions of his pets! If you do want to participate in this series, just DM F0xyy_P1ayzz#3105 with a photo of your animal and some details about it!

Hello Jakuba, How are you?

I’m alright thanks, what about you?

I’m good. 🙂
By any chance do you have a pet animal?

I do.

Great! So what I need you to do is send a photo of your pet animal and give me some description about it.


This is my cat, her name is Cirilla or Ciri. she might look cute and funny but in reality she’s a MONSTER! 😨 she bites, she scratches AND SHE CAN EVEN OPEN DOORS! sometimes when I’m home alone she comes to me and gets all touchy.. then after a minute she’s trying to take my foot off. she will always terrify me.
Thank you Jakuba :catluv:
youre welcome foxy :catluv:
thank you for the interview
No problem!

That’s it for today people BUT I will be back soon! 🙂 If you do want to be in a blog like this, why not DM F0xyy_P1ayzz#3105 with a picture of your animal and some details about it. See you next time and take care!



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