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ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon. After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!

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HF News

  • Promotions! This last Practice Battle came with a surprise of some promotions for staff! Make sure to congratulate them in general chat
  • Theme Week! We are also having a special theme week! Each day of the week will be themed as a yearly holiday, make sure to join all our events and have fun

Staff Of The Month

This week NIKO won the prestigious award of Staff of the Month. The HF Beacon team reached out to him for comment on their awards:

Woooooooo! It feels amazing to be the first Staff of the week in HF history. I feel amazing! This is epic! I encourage every staff to work hard and earn this title 💪💪 every amazing medal is always hard to get, that’s what makes it valuable. If it’s easy to get then it loses its value
,,ოდეს ტურფა გაიაფდეს აღარა ღირს არცა ჩირად”
Once something beautiful becomes cheap and easy to get its no longer worth anything (I did my best to translate :needhelp: ) So remember to always work hard for your goals, because if it’s easy to get it always loses its value. As long as you work for your goal you’ll achieve anything!

Thank you for your words Niko!

Helpers Book Club

Nothing without an amazing story section. Make sure to read this engrossing corner of the HF Beacon, and let us know if you want to write stories in the upcoming editions!


— Mantiuxx

Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there was a fearless squirrel named Nutty. One day, as Nutty was scurrying through the park, he spotted a shiny object on the ground. Curiosity piqued, he hopped over to investigate.

To his surprise, it was a pair of sunglasses that someone had accidentally dropped. Nutty, being a squirrel with a knack for fashion, decided to try them on. As soon as the sunglasses rested on his little squirrel nose, he felt a surge of coolness wash over him.

With his newfound swag, Nutty strutted around the park like a tiny squirrel superstar. Other animals couldn’t help but stare in awe at his stylish accessory. The birds chirped, “Look at Nutty, the trendiest squirrel in town!”

Even the human visitors couldn’t resist laughing and snapping pictures of Nutty’s unexpected fashion statement. He had become an instant internet sensation. Squirrel influencers shared his pictures with hilarious captions, and soon Nutty had a massive following.

News reporters flocked to the park, hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous sunglasses-wearing squirrel. Nutty graciously posed for photos, signing autographs with his tiny paws. He had inadvertently become the face of the latest fashion trend, “squirrel chic.”

Nutty’s glamorous life took an amusing turn when a mischievous bird swooped down and snatched his sunglasses right off his face. Poor Nutty stood there, squinting in the bright sunlight, utterly bewildered.

But being the resilient squirrel he was, Nutty didn’t let it dampen his spirit. He shrugged it off, chuckled at his momentary fame, and continued his nut-hunting adventures in the park, now known as the squirrel who rocked sunglasses better than any celebrity.

And so, the legend of Nutty, the sunglasses-wearing squirrel, spread far and wide, bringing laughter and smiles to everyone who heard his silly tale. The park remained a little brighter, thanks to the memory of Nutty’s brief, but unforgettable, fashion reign.

Game Corner

This section features a new puzzle every week for you to play. You can send your completed puzzle to mantiuxx#0002 in dms!

Scavanger Hunt

.Find the room of the picture below. (Submit a ss of the room)

Art And Memes Corner

Skimming through the amazing submissions, we’ve chosen the best ones for the week! Make sure to submit your content in #art-memes if you want to get featured in the Help Force Beacon next week!


Person/Meme of the Week

The person of the week is someone who dedicates a lot of time and energy into the army. And they’re a meme.

Weekly Promotions

These people have worked very hard for the army this week, now its their time to be recognized! Make sure to congratulate them for their hard efforts.

David – Professional Helper

Aspro – Professional Helper

FG Devil – Elite Helper

BlankyCRT – Second Lieutenant

I-AM-HERE – Amateur Helper

Question of the week:

Drawing or painting?

Submit Your Content

Know any good jokes? Have some thoughts you want to share, want some extra sapphires? Next week the best submissions will be featured in this part of the Beacon! Check the bottom of the post for procedure of submissions.

DM mantiux#0002 on Discord the answers to the games, question of the week, to send some ships, stories, and any content submissions to win Points (20 points for submitting content):HFSapphire:!

And that’s a wrap for this week fellas! See you in the next edition of the Help Force Beacon. Make sure to like & comment on your opinions about the weekly newspaper.

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