Junior Staff Applications Result – Mass Promotions

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Following the recent Junior Staff applications, a whopping total of nine people received promotions to Junior Staff. These people are beanieval, Elia the frog, katie, LunaRay21, Archana, Choco, Jo, Winter Storm and Rubbi Nubbi! How will they handle their new responsibilities, and how will this impact the Help Force?

The Junior Staff ranks were devised in 2020 in order to streamline the system that preceded it – General In Training. There are three ranks in the Junior Staff level – Brigadier, Major General and Lieutenant General. The ranks were publicly implemented in the beginning of 2021 alongside the Sapphires system and the total rank overhaul that came with it. The General In Training system provided the rank holders with a fixed time to gain experience and get acquainted with the staff environment. However, the new system aims to let the juniors have as much time as they need to get ready. Moreover, their promotions are dependent on the higher Staff member’s judgements with regards to whether they are ready or not.

On June 8th, 2022, the Junior Staff applications were made open once again. The form received a massive 33 individual applications! It was definitely a tough process to select the people who would become Juniors. Eventually, their history, activity and effort paid off. Nine people were selected as Junior Staff! Let’s take a look at these people.

Choco is well known as one of the most active troops in the Help Force. He can always be seen chatting during AUSIA hours, and used to be known for his iconic chocolate bar pfp. He has now replaced the chocolate bar with a badass Anakin pfp, suitable for his newfound responsibilities! However, Help Force isn’t the only army Choco has been in. Choco has mod experience in armies like the Aliens and the Athletes (hey, that’s my first army!!). He also participated in the Crimson Guardians. CG is the legendary army that defeated the #1 Pirates in Legends Cup X!

Jo aka Thuantaijo is yet another active troop in the AUSIA timezone. He was recruited by Choco, and since then the two of them have had quite a rivalry. He started the trend “Choco is a scam”. Jo’s activity gained him the opportunity of being a Junior Staff!

Rubbi Nubbi is also one of the troops that were selected as Junior Staff. He is active in the army and attends almost all of the events, having gained a lot of experience in his four months as a troop!

Elia the frog is one of the latest hotshots in the Help Force. With extreme levels of dedication and activity, reminiscent of troops in the 2020 era, Elia burned his way through the ranks and now through the Junior Staff applications as well. Elia is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to recruiting, being one of the only troops this year to host a Recruiting Segment! His rank is truly well deserved.

Katie is another troop who recently became very active. She is slowly learning the ropes of become yet another Recruiting Champion, and she’s already well versed in hosting events!

Archana is not new to the Junior Staff ranks. She served our glorious gracious motherland as a Junior back in 2021, retiring due to irl work. During her tenure in 2021, she made herself prominent by helping out whenever she could. Moreover, her presence was also noted by the fact that she chose to react to discussions through emotes rather than text! Her being back is definitely going to be a huge asset for the Staff team.

Beanieval is close to becoming one of the most popular faces of the Help Force. He’s there in the chat whenever he can be, and holds the GOTW Specialist title. What else do you need to prove your competence?

LunaRay21 is already well known to you readers as one of our best bloggers. Her posts like CP Knowledge and Story Behind The Name are quite popular. Other than posts, Luna participates in lots of events and often helps out people. She currently goes by the name Selene. She’s also rumored to be an amazing Bonk.io player!

Winter Storm first made his presence prominent by becoming one of the active Graphic Designers of HF. With the help of several people, Winter Storm rose to even more heights, earning GOTW Specialist.

Now that you have a brief idea who the selected Juniors are, let’s find out what the promotion meant to them in an exclusive interview!

Let’s begin! First question, Were you expecting to be promoted to Junior Staff?

Elia: I wasn’t expecting to be promoted to Junior Staff because my application response was very long and I did not think it made that much sense as I put a lot of stuff on it. I am relieved that I became a Junior Staff member though.

Jo: Not really. I made my application half serious and half as a joke.

Choco: Not at all, I wrote things on my application like “I know how to chat, this is a very important skill to have”

Katie: no! i was actually really surprised haha, but very glad!

Archana: well.. I’ve been seeing hf with no junior staff active so I decide to go back to help again which I always do when I take a break, I come back to help and I’m more active right now for personal reasons so coming back to js will cure my boredom.

Winter Storm: I wasn’t, until Snowy reached out to me to make sure that I would be active as as junior.

What do you plan to accomplish as a Junior Staff member? (What are your future goals?)

Elia: I plan to become one of the greatest role models of Help Force and help this army/family progress through many stages so that it becomes more communicative, popular and stronger. Even if we don’t become the best army, we will still be an amazing one and I will never lose hope in it. The list could keep going on and on for days as for my future goals.

Katie: i’m very interested in helping with events, new members and more… i basically want to be someone who can support people in the server and help 🙂

Bean: i hope to make my mark on the help force by continuing to help others and making the community big and active

Luna: Really I wouldn’t have known. I accomplish to gain even more experience and responsibilities to become 2ic one day or commander

Rubbi: to host more fun games!

How did you feel when you first saw that you were promoted?

Elia: I was very happy but also surprised as I never expected to be promoted and I could’ve gone through the normal path that almost everyone does. Even if I wouldn’t be accepted, I would still aim for my goals as well and I would be happy for the others who did make it through.

Katie: well, it was a good thing to wake up to! most of all, excited to have the pleasure to work with the amazing staff team here and all the opportunities that i now have

Does it feel any different to be in Help Force now that you’re a Junior Staff?

Elia: Well it does feel different because now I can actually help with tactics in events, keep HF more safe, work with the staff team and help everyone overall. But other than that, it still feels the same and that’s a good thing as I am still a part of Help Force and thats the only thing that matters.

Jo: It feels very different. I now have to actually be responsible and be careful with my deletes when I ghost ping Choco so I don’t accidentally delete someone else’s message. I now also wake up with a lot more pings.

Choco: Not really but I wouldn’t say not at all

Bean: yes it does i keep forgetting im green and im always surprised lol

Rubbi: not really

Can you name three people you would like to thank for their support in helping you reach this place?

Elia: Yes I can, and actually I can name more than three. Those people really believed in me that I can become Junior Staff one day and supported me with many things other than that. Those names are Rooboo, Ru, Scorp, Desireus, Selene and Potatolover. But, a lot more people supported me as well so those are not the only people who helped me through the process.

Jo: I would like to thank Choco for recruiting me to HF, even though he scammed. I would like to thank NervousZippo for being a kind but sussy hippo. I would also like to thank Elp because he is the greatest.

Choco: Well number one, as much as I hate it, Is Jo because he has created a rivalry or a reason for me to keep going. Number two would be nervous hippo, someone who likes many others give me a reason to want to be apart of the community. Which would then logically leave the rest of the community that the Help Force has created tied for third in its support.

Katie: I’d have to definitely say wynn, she’s been a big support to me since the beginning, and maybe nervous and ru who have just been helpful and lovely!

Archana: Syd always hyped me for promotion and gave me tips for everything that I need before getting JS, and Plotter much hype and gave me motivation to apply again. He explained everything to me like in literally full details just so the words will stick to my mind because I’m too dumb to understand everything soo he really helps me.

Winter Storm: ru, nerv and nell. ru showed me to recruit, nerv for being nice, and nell for bringing me in.

Bean: nervous because shes always cheering me on and supporting me thru everythjng since i joined hf. rooboo because hes always encouraging me. lastly, hf as a whole because everyone is very supportive and welcoming.

Luna: RU because she recruited me, Nerv because she’s been there, and you because of your criticism from my blogs that i need really in everyday life and Maya and Roo for putting up with my questions.

Rubbi: nervous, bean and jakuba

With these fresh faces in the Junior Staff team, and the recent #2 placing on the Top Tens, Help Force looks like it’s all set to dominate the rest of the summer! It will definitely be exciting seeing some of these people become our top Staff in the future 😀

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