ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – Hola Helpers! On October 31st, the day of the spookiness, a fantastic sight was seen at the fort of Ice Coast. Blue flags flew from the flagpoles, blue banners adorned the walls, and a huge blue army stood inside the fortress, cheering and celebrating.

MAX: 32+

At 4 pm GMT, more than 30 helpers lay siege to the fort of Ice Coast, occupied by the Silver Empire. As usual, the Water Vikings were there outside the walls, ready to face our own ground troops, while the Silvers sat behind the walls and shot arrows. The Water Vikings held their ground for the first ten minutes of the battle. However, the Helpers and their ground troops just kept pouring in. The fact that Clovers, Ravagers and the Confederates were also pressuring the Vikings just further lowered their morale, and eventually they gave in. Together, the Vengeance marched inside the fort, got rid of all the Silvers who were hiding behind the walls, and burned the Silver flags on the fort. This victory meant a great deal to us, as we had faced some bad luck in previous battles.

But this battle would’ve been impossible if not for our glorious gracious commanders Barnito and Nell. They masterminded the whole operation, arming the troops with heavy bombs. The speed of the army under their command was reminiscent of the German blitzkrieg operations, except this time the blitzkrieg was against the dictators. And the whole victory would’ve been impossible without the valiant allied troops, who rallied together to fight alongside us at short notice. Kudos to all of you Helpers for that clean 3-0 sweep!


Victory In Vengeance!

Scorpion Demon

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