GoTW #154

CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP!! Beating up his companion, here comes Ivelkov who won the Gamer of the Week title swift like Falcon. He was splendid and his efforts were truly appreciable as he worked his way towards earning the reward. It was just last year when he was struggling with the ways of the Army and getting familiar with every chaos that goes around. Currently, he is trying to work his way up to getting Staff and it won’t be long till the day arrives. Usually, he is one of the spontaneous Jackbox games hosts who will be found spamming an image of spraying water on CPU just because he loves to do that and reply with “aaa” anytime if asked about anything. Ivelkov has his own unique and dynamic personality and it is always fun talking to him in chat. Congratulations Birdie on this achievement and keep making HF a better place like always!

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