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GoTW #164

Congrats to Swager Gamer on earning his second Gamer of the Week! He is a very dedicated troop and spends lots of time recruiting, as well as participating in Arcadium events. Well done!

GoTW #156

Congrats to Plotter12 on earning his second Gamer of the Week award! Plotter is an iconic member of HF, and you can always find him in chat, giving people grapes and bread. Well done, goos!

GoTW #154

CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP!! Beating up his companion, here comes Ivelkov who won the Gamer of the Week title swift like Falcon. He was splendid and his efforts were truly appreciable as he worked his way towards earning the reward. It was just last year when he was struggling with the ways of the Army and getting familiar with every chaos that goes around. Currently, he is trying to work his way up to getting Staff and it won’t be long till the day arrives. Usually, he is one of the spontaneous Jackbox games hosts who will be found spamming an image of spraying water on CPU just because he loves to do that and reply with “aaa” anytime if asked about anything. Ivelkov has his own unique and dynamic personality and it is always fun talking to him in chat. Congratulations Birdie on this achievement and keep making HF a better place like always!

GoTW #145

Not even catching his breath after winning his 3rd Gamer of the Week, Walver is speeding up and gets his 4th award! Well done, Wolfy!  It was an amazing week! How long will his GoTW Strike be? Let’s see who else will be brave enough to compete against him next week! Good luck to everyone! ‘Does this guy ever rest?’, you may be wondering. The answer is: no. Wolves never sleep 😀 Or should I say bats…

GoTW #143

We’re congratulating Walver for winning his 2nd Gamer of the Week title <3 After a few months, he received his second GoTW Title and he’s now ready to enter the competition and get his Gamer of the Week Specialist medal! Way to go, Wolfy!


GoTW #138

It’s already the second time we congratulate Sam Chilles for winning the Gamer of The Week title! Staying up all night and recruiting continuously are just normal things for Sammy boi. However, it was not an easy win, and Sam definitely knows what I’m talking about xD. He will be very mad if you ever spell his name wrong, but will lend you a helping hand anytime! Congratulations, Sam! Good luck on your Junior Staff path!

GoTW #135

Hello Helpers! Congratulations to Yoda (Drknessbtw) on his well deserved success. Grabbing his first Gamer of The Week title, he has proven to be an ambitious and courageous helper of the force. Who will be the next GoTW in this weekly switch chaos?

GoTW #134

Hello Helpers! Huge congratulations to Kenzie (Hayley) on earning her first Gamer of The Week title! A hard-worker and dedicated troop, you can always find her chatting in general. Onwards and Upwards from here. Bravo!

GoTW #133

Hello Helpers! Warmest congratulations to 𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓸 on earning his first Gamer of The Week title! This award was well-deserved after a week full of recruiting and attending all events. May this be the first of many more achievements to come in the future and good luck on your journey as Junior Staff!

GoTW #132

Vas Happenin’ y’all?!? Very proud and happy to announce that Marshmallow has won his second Gamer of The Week title! He has had a real journey and is always around. Once again, he demonstrated that there’s no stopping him from recruiting! Amazing job and good luck preparing for the next Specialist title!