GoTW #129

Really happy to announce that AbsoluteTrash123 won his second Gamer of The Week title in a row! Amazing job, bhai! He’s always around to give a helping hand and is now working towards joining the Junior Staff Squad! Congratulations and good luck on your journey! Keep helping and bonking!

GoTW #128

After an exciting and busy week, it’s my pleasure to congratulate AbsoluteTrash123 for his commitment and hard work! He won his first Gamer of The Week award and did a speedrun through promotions! Also, he started liking the idea of leading and hosting fun events too. AbsoluteTrash123 brought us our first game and participated in our U-Lead event! Way to go, mate! 😀

GoTW #127

Congratulations to Syd for winning her first Gamer of The Week title! Not active only in chat, Syd participated in every activity of the week. Also, she proved many times that she can handle recruiting very well! Fantastic job, Syd! You really deserve it! 😀 Good luck next!

GoTW #126

With incredible determination and perseverance, Mandal has finally won his third Gamer of The Week title! Along with that, he is receiving the GoTW Specialist role! Over time, he perfected his recruiting skills and became one of the friendliest and most disciplined people in our community. Great job, Mandal and good luck as Junior Staff!

GoTW #125

After a successful run to win the Gamer of the Week thrice, Lydia finally claimed the GoTW Specialist title! Being an experienced person with armies, excelled in all activities with one week with quality segment attending, dedication and hard work at recruiting as well as being an amazing Designer! Congrats and we wish you good luck on the journey as Junior Staff.

GoTW #124

Very happy to announce that Monika won her second Gamer of The Week title! She’s always around to give a helping hand and she’s now part of the HF Blogger Hub! Congratulations and good luck with the next big title!

GoTW #123

Hello Helpers! Warmest congratulations to SwagerGamer on earning his first Gamer of The Week! This award was well-deserved after a week full of fun events and recruiting. May this be the first of many more achievements to come in the future!

GoTW #122

We’re really happy to congratulate RSNAIL for winning his first Gamer of The Week award! He was active the whole week, recruiting and attending events! Keep it up bud!