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From The Trenches – War Recap

ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – It is in a rather great hurry that I am writing this post. For we are at war, helpers, and every single one of us is responsible for working hard to make our victory secure. But if you are interested in knowing exactly why we are working so hard, what we are fighting for, then read ahead.

It all began on one cold, snowy night. Cold snowy night at this time of the year, you ask? Well this is Club Penguin, it snows here all the time.

On that night, the staff met up as usual in the lounge and starved together. Suddenly, Barnito came into the room and announced, “We’re resuming our war on the Silver Empire!” Everyone cheered.

The original war on the Silver Empire had begun back in April. It was called the Silver Rush. After numerous troopstealing incidents, trash talking HF, insulting our leaders, the Silver Empire had now started hinting that they wanted war. And so we gave them one. However, there was no server map during that time. A server map is a, well, map of Club Penguin servers, and each army can control any amount of servers that they have invaded. During wars, enemies invade each others servers, and the first army to conquer the entire territory owned by the other army wins the war. Silver Empire took advantage of this, and declared that they won’t be showing up to battles. We raided their events, and forced them to go into hiding. However, it soon grew evident that they would never confront us directly on the field until they had servers to defend. So we decided to temporarily pause the war. We swore that we would have our revenge, once the server map was alive once again.

Currently, the CP Army Network league provides a server map for all armies registered under their league. Silver Empire is one of the armies, owning 32 servers. At the time of writing this, we have invaded and conquered a lot of their land. It was time to resume the war, and get the vengeance we deserved.

On October 7th, we scheduled an invasion of the Silver Empire fort “Down Under”. The cowardly Silver Empire abandoned their fort and let us win it unchallenged. The next day, we invaded another server, Downhill. However, here the Silver Empire and their allies, the Water Vikings, outplayed us. Unfortunately, this invasion was not successful. Soon after the results were announced, the Silver Empire issued a counter declaration of war. In their war post, the included several ridiculous terms like this one:

This term implies that our allies cannot declare war on upon the Silver Empire to help us. Everyone knows that a single army cannot dictate the entire community to do as they say. But the silly silvers attempted to do exactly that. On October 11th, the Help Force replied to the Silver Empire’s war declaration in a post titled Silver Rush 2.0, going on further to reveal that Amber and df44 had been involved in multilogging/supporting multilogging. Multilogging is one of the most frowned upon crimes in the army community. The fact that both of the current Silver Commanders are proven multi loggers is just outrageous. Some time later, CP Army HQ released a statement that acknowledged the multilogging, but sought to provide both offenders a second chance. Meanwhile, CP Army Network fired df44 as a judge while retaining Amber as a Board Member with a warning.

On October 12th, the Silver Empire officially announced the formation of the Western Bloc. The Western Bloc is an alliance of three armies – the Silver Empire, the Water Vikings and SWAT. These three armies seemed to have united against the Help Force. While it was obvious that SE’s brother allies WV would help them, SWAT just jumped into the queue of destruction for no reason XD. The next day, on October 13th, Ayan officially announced the beginning of Project Vengeance. This was an alliance of the Help Force, the Red Ravagers and the Army of Club Penguin, rallying together against the malicious Western Bloc. The Help Force released another post, outlining why the term prohibiting third party armies from declaring war was invalid. This post was called the Horseplay of Modern CP Warfare. However, despite several armies calling upon the league to officially invalidate the term, no official response was submitted by the CPAN Board.

On October 14th, the Silvers attempted to retake Down Under from us. However, the combined forces of the Western Bloc could not match up to the might of the Vengeance Alliance. HF successfully defended Down Under, and on the next day, successfully won another one of the Silver Empire’s territories – Cream Soda. In the midst of the crossfire, a peculiar operation came to light: WAP’s staff chats were leaked to the army community by some unknown agent, and these screenshots came to our attention. In the screenshot, Pandor, the leader of WAP, explains that they will be exploiting the “no third parties” war term used by Silver Empire so as to protect SWAT from getting declared upon. This would be achieved by SWAT declaring a fake war on WAP. wherein no invasions would occur, but it would grant SWAT immunity from any other army declaring war on them. This just furthered the motivation for the war term to be invalidated.

Until October 19th, the Silver Empire and Help Force continued invading each other. HF grabbed two more servers from SE, and successfully invaded one invasion. On October, things began changing once again, as the Red Ravagers, our allies, officially declared war on the Silver Empire. They also scheduled two invasions against SE. This would supposedly be against the Silver Empire’s war terms, however, since the league’s stance on the term was still unclear, RR decided to take matters into their own hands. They also mentioned that they would gladly participate in an official discussion on whether this term should be invalid or not.

The war continued with three armies now involved in the offensives. On October 25th, the Water Vikings officially entered the war by declaring war on the Help Force in support for their brother allies. HF soon issued a counter declaration against the Water Vikings. Meanwhile, an unexpected storm was heading towards the Western Bloc. On October 27th, the Templars, People’s Imperial Confederation, Dark Vikings, Trojans and Eclipse came together to form an alliance called the Red Dawn Alliance. The Red Dawn Alliance is actually a historic alliance, involved in the Seventh World War of Club Penguin Armies. The People’s Imperial Confederation separately declared war upon the Water Vikings, and also joined the Vengeance alliance on the same day. However, the Red Dawn Alliance is not related to the Vengeance Alliance in any way.

So at this point, almost the entire army community had dipped their toes into the war. HF, RR, ACP and PIC were on one side, fighting against SE and WV. Meanwhile, Templars, Dark Vikings, Trojans and PIC were on another side, going up against the WV and any other Western Bloc alliance. Considering the sheer number of armies involved, many people even went to the lengths of calling this war a World War. However, both Western Bloc and Vengeance agreed that the title of “The War of No Judges” would be more suitable. The reason? Lol, get ready for another paragraph.

As expected, both sides scheduled numerous invasions against one another. However, an invasion is invalid unless three official CPAN judges are present. Now, due to the lack of unaffiliated judges registered in CP Army Network, many of the invasions never happened in the first place. Each army would put in a huge amount of effort behind each battle, pinging the troops and planning battle tactics, but in the end the entire battle would go to waste due to a stupid reason. This pain, this suffering, is the only thing the enemy alliances have had in common so far XD.

Now you know almost everything that there is to know about the war. So far, HF and its allies have invaded **eight** territories from the Silver Empire and its allies. However, we have also lost to the Western Bloc twice, when it should’ve been zero losses as the Help Force in itself is strong enough to take on the three of them and win, as we did yesterday. The war continues with full spirit, with neither side willing to back down. If you are feeling tired, buckle up soldier, cuz the war’s just begun, we won’t be resting until we have thoroughly defeated the Western Bloc. I gtg now to make some pointy weapons cya on the battlefield 😀

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Marshal

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