Silver Rush 2.0

We have waited patiently for months, biding our time and awaiting revenge—the time has come, comrades.

Help Force hereby officially resumes the Silver Rush War.

Five months ago, on April 22nd, the Help Force declared war on the Silver Empire. It is possible that some of you who are new here might not know who the Silver Empire are. They are another Club Penguin army that has committed multiple offenses against us. You can find the detailed posts containing proofs of these allegations here and here.

Due to the lack of a server map during the war, Silver Empire ran away from the war, stating “they did not wish to participate in any war with the Help Force,” and refused to face the consequences of their misdeeds. As though justice is a choice you make.

Fast forward to this day, when Club Penguin Army Network now has a server map for all armies. As promised, the Help Force resumed attacking the Silvers. We won the first battle as the Silvers did not show up, and we annexed their server Down Under. Soon after, they released an official declaration of war against the Help Force, claiming that there were “six months of no hostility” when the entire time, the Silvers had clearly been under the enemies section of our website. They declared war, providing their own terms, which includes a clause that allows all allies to attend the battles fought in this war.

As though we needed any more proof of their cowardice.

Dear Silvers: A look at your leaders

The next few screenshots prove beyond doubt that Amber, your Silver Commander, and df44, your Grand General, multi-logged while serving their tenure as CPAN Judges. Moreover, the other staff members of Silver Empire at the time knew about this malpractice, and instead of ignoring it, encouraged it. (Click to enlarge)


So obviously, I think you acknowledge that you’re a terrible leader so what do we do now? What could we possible do to make up for my lack of basic leadership skills, hmm, oh right! Let me multilog! And while doing that, let me also misuse my position of power as a head judge and have my own fleet of judges multilog in a battle that THEY ARE JUDGING.

You can see that df44 was judging a Silver Empire invasion, and admits to multi-logging during serving as a judge with no shame. He goes as far as to ask his fellow staff to cover it up for him—implying that the staff members were in on these malpractices. In the last screenshot Amber also says “I have to use it when I wanna help and df does it for us too,” indicating she doesn’t frown upon this malpractice and in fact encourages it. Both of them occupy Judge/Head Judge positions in CPAHQ and CPAN. This is clearly a betrayal of the trust that was placed in both of these two judges by the leagues.

Cut the crap amber, your army was and will always remain a joke. You wanted war, you got it. This message also goes out to the Allies of the Silver Empire. Support the Silver Empire, and I alongside the community will recognize that as standing in solidarity with multilogging, you all form the very scum of this community, and the janitors are finally here.

It would be surprising if CPAN and CPAHQ do not fire df44 and Amber after this multi-logging scandal.

The ultimate level of hypocrisy.

She did retire, and Comedy was made leader of the Silver Empire, despite her publicly proven record of troop-stealing from the Help Force. As you saw in the screenshots above, even Comedy condemned the other staff’s blatant multi-logging.

Pushing around smaller armies is not what has been happening between the Force and the Silvers, unless you’ve been in an ignorant bliss for the past few months.

You claim that because Comedy is gone, we are only picking on your because you are small. Do you choose to forget all the times you have trash-talked the Help Force and its commanders during your supposed “6 months of neutrality”?
Or your extremely disrespectful and toxic display of tactics at the battle for Down Under?

War Ghost is Amber.

Lacking the creativity to make your own tactics does not give you permission to bring someone’s personal life into what you have called a “mere game.”

This war signifies the resistance to the existence of such dirty ploys in Club Penguin Armies. Amber, let’s not beat around the bush, shall we? You’re a joke of a leader who can’t take her army major without the use of allies for OVER A YEAR. I’d have got a baby faster than your army would’ve maxed 25 on its own, lol!

Click image to access the CPAHQ post it is taken from.

Silver Empire is nothing more than dishonorable cowards who continue to spread their corruption and lies; who continue to disrespect and trash talk us throughout their claimed “6 months of neutrality.” The war never ended—it was paused, as we had clearly stated—until the map returned. But thank you for giving us what we wanted. We’ll take our burning empire on a silver platter.

Bonus Content

One of Silver Empire’s war terms.

What a joke. We expected you to be smarter than this. War terms are meant to keep the armies competing within a set of rules. You cannot create rules for the entire community about this war and preach it to be correct. Clearly shows how much of an inexperienced leader you are, Amber.

Help Force officially announces that we accept the Silver Empire’s war terms (except the aforementioned), and we will fight against the Silver Empire and whichever allies they bring. 

This is a call to all Helpers. The Silver Empire disrespected your army and insulted your friends. It is your duty to show them that the Help Force is mightier than they will ever be. We fight not for victory, but for honor, and to seek vengeance for the crimes that the Silvers committed.


It is time to Unleash The Power Of Helping.
Time to Paint The Silver Map Blue.

Signing off,

Help Force Commanders

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  1. What a joke XD we don’t need corrupt people like Amber in our community, its time that we took the trash out.

  2. Wow! Shame…

  3. ew cringe

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