Ding Ding, Karma’s Here.

Do not steal from someone you cannot outrun.

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire — In an unexpected turn of events, the Silver Empire has resorted to explicitly NSFW penguin images as a way to prove their innocence and reiterate the great and friendly environment they have in their army. Let’s dive into this joke of a response, shall we?


In response to the troop stealing screenshot about Chloe:

This was clearly a joke between Chloe and Comedy, but here is the full context to the conversation.

~ Silver Empire’s response post

A joke? Interesting how you’re putting that up just when you got caught. If troop-stealing was a joke, CPA would be free of wars. Your delusion and manipulation of your troops is nothing but hilarious to witness. I guess I should start messaging your high command to join a different army and then call it a “joke”.

Snowflake clearly states “if one day” she ever comes back to armies, not that she was on any sort of break in her messages to Vedant. Also pointing out, Snowflake was not in their server at the time whatsoever. Just because she came back, does not mean she was on any break at the time. Does this mean anyone who ever leaves an army server is simply on a break?

~ Silver Empire’s response post

You basically agree that you poach army members. Just like you do the same to the troops of the Army of Club Penguin, Red Ravagers, SWAT, and many more.

In no part of the conversation did she ever say that she’s leaving the army as a whole. Is taking a break for studies enough for you to hop into someone’s DMs and trying to “offer her to come to visit SE for movie nights”?
Your hypocrisy baffles me. Here’s a text from Snow herself that portrays the actual intent behind the conversation.

Click to enlarge.

How much evidences are you going to evade?  An extent when you tried to troop-steal an ex-leader, and a current advisor of the Force. Are you gonna whine about this being “out of context” too?

Comedy messaging Moon (a former leader and an advisor of the Help Force)

All talk about screenshots being out of context, yet you do it yourself.

HF Leader, Ayan, messaging Comedy out of the blue threatening her.

~ SE’s Response Post

The context behind it:

Comedy DMing Nell after the HF vs. IW Semi-Finals

Clowns. Why do you take shots if you can’t handle the recoil? Keep whining about “harassment”, keep justifying trash-talking and troop stealing, but you dug your own grave. Not our fault you guys are twice the average age of a Club Penguin player and have a kink of moderating children over a discord guild. Do the community a favor, and leave CP armies already.

‘Bonus Content’

Comedy messaging Sam after the war declaration yesterday.

Ah sh*t, here we go again, another attempt of trying to get my high ranks to side with your army. Why were the messages deleted? Because you’re scared of your true self being shown to the public?

You have showered this on yourself. Defending it makes you look more disgusting than you already are. There is a reason it’s not just us who declared war on you. You’ve done wrong to the entire community, and you’ll pay for it. Below are some screenshots from the Red Ravagers’ war declaration post.

You can read their post here: https://redravagerscp.wordpress.com/2021/04/23/declaration-of-war-on-silver-empire/

Source: Red Ravagers’ War Declaration Post

In conclusion, this post reveals the truth about Help Force and who their leaders are.

~ SE’s Response Post

Coy response, but it’s a bit rich coming from you innit? Especially after the Ravvy’s recent post, it seems like you’re the one who disrespects their staff, and quite frankly, doesn’t seem to care about them. could pull out a couple of screenshots to show you what I mean, but the Ravvy’s have already done that, and I really don’t want to waste my time with you anymore.

Silver Empire will not be participating in the War.

~ SE’s Response Post

Funny that you think you have a choice. You’ve incurred the wrath of multiple armies and now you want to shy away from the day of reckoning? Hahahaha, your time’s running up.

So prepare for the storm, Amber. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your army. We can invade anything, anytime, and can kill your army in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with our AUSIA division. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price.

We will invade every single one of your servers and raid every single one of your events until you apologize for what you have done. Expect us. Don’t bother to make a response, I won’t be reading your posts anymore.

:EF: Here’s a flower for the fallen.


Help Force Commander

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  1. ⚔️Lets fuck shit up⚔️

  2. […] Five months ago, on April 22nd, the Help Force declared war on the Silver Empire. It is possible that some of you who are new here might not know who the Silver Empire are. They are another Club Penguin army that has committed multiple offenses against us. You can find the detailed posts containing proofs of these allegations here and here. […]

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