The End of the World War VIII: Treaty of the Unnamed

There is no ‘way to peace’, there is only peace.

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – The war between the Vengeance Alliance and the Western Bloc is officially over as from this moment. After a month of waging war on the Bloc, battles at unusual times, and even more than one battle a day occasionally, both sides have agreed on ending the war and opting for peace.

Help Force’s declaration of war on the Silver Empire, titled the Silver Rush 2.0  and released nearly a month ago, was met with SE creating an alliance with the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics. This paved way for the formation of the Vengeance Alliance, which consisted of HF, Army of Club Penguin, Red Ravagers, and the People’s Imperial Confederation. Both sides engaged in fierce invasions and defenses, where many were deemed invalid due to the League not being able to provide judges for the battles. The motive of our war was not to destroy but to remind people in the CPA Community that malpractices such as multi-logging and trash-talking will not be tolerated.

It was exhausting to prepare for the war and have invasions or defenses canceled due to the lack of judges from the League. Not just did we have problems with the Judging Panels; CPAN was very slow in responding to a lot of important matters, be it Df’s multi-logging scandal or SE’s war terms.

With as many as eleven armies taking part, this month-long war is now dubbed World War VIII: War of No Judges.

The official war score is: 23 – 2 – 3 (Wins – Ties – Loss)

Please note that there is no official winner of this war as agreed upon by all armies in the peace pact.

The members of Project Vengeance will continue to be allied.

The armies involved in this war have agreed to a peace treaty which can be seen below

We’d like to extend our gratitude towards our allies; the Army of Club Penguin and Red Ravagers who marched together with us when we needed them. We’d also like to thank the People’s Imperial Confederation for their support and we wish for our alliance to prosper.

At last, we’d like to congratulate each troop and staff member who attended this war and aided the army when it needed you the most. You are what inspires us to keep working and we did it together, united.

Silver Rush 2.0 has officially ended.

Signing off,

Help Force Commanders

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  1. Woooo!

  2. YAY! If SE and the Western Bloc Alliance mess-up again. Then it will result in another world war.

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