Hola Comrades! We logged on today for a friendly battle with our awesome allies, the Ice Warriors! Brr, it was kind of cold but it was fun to finally have a joint event with our allies after such a long time. After some exquisitely hermosa formations and tactics, we spent the rest of the event playing Cart Surfer! Thank you to Rooboo, Snowy, Maya and Diwix for leading!

Make sure to comment your Discord username and rank if you attended!

MAX: 22

Thank you for attending!

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Admiral

7 Responses

  1. Discord: NervousZippo #3663
    Rank: Lieutenant general

  2. discord: Wet water
    Rank: Sergeant major

  3. Discord username – Slush#8020
    Rank – Novice Corporal

  4. Discord user: Livingdead or LivingĎead™#8311
    Rank: Supreme helper

  5. i came

  6. Discord: Joe!#0175

    i attended

  7. Discord: ReallyPia#9009

    Rank: Sergeant Major

    I attended as well

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