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Welcome back to Get To Know Your Staff! In this series of webposts, one by one, I kidnap my fellow staff members and interview them about their experiences in our glorious gracious motherland.

Last week, we learned more about one of the pillars of AUSIA, Ru (Click here to read). Following that slightly sketchy but fun interview, I was famished. I decided to head down to the super secret staff cafeteria, in the hopes of finding a stray cookie or banana that Elp had forgotten to account for. It was late evening by then. Sigh, Ru had certainly taken her time for the interview. As I moved down the corridors, I realized the power in the cafeteria area had been disconnected. While it seemed a bit unsettling at first, I had never really been down there during night before…

I assumed that the commanders had shut it down to save expenses, and kept moving ahead. I placed my hand on the cafeteria doors, and at the same time, a horrible sound began coming from inside the rooms. Taken by surprise, I immediately jumped back and reached for my cell phone flashlight. The power switch was a few meters away, and my mind began racing as I realized this could either be a hitherto unknown monster that lived among us or an enemy spy looking around for staff secrets. I sprinted to the power switch and flicked it off, and rushed back to the cafeteria. However, just as I reached the doors, they flew open and hit me on the face (sobs ;-;) and knocked me out. As I fell, I saw a vague, small figure rushing towards the direction exit of the staff headquarters building.

When I came to, the first thing I did was go to the security room to inspect the CCTV footage. Surprisingly, the system had resumed recording in the exact moment as the intruder fled. A shock ran through my body as I played the footage… it was ALEX. And he had been stealing food! In the background you could see that the vault where the food was kept had been cracked open.

An excerpt from the footage, full footage not shared due to security reasons.

In the case that you are still new here and don’t know Alex, he is one of our Generals. He joined the Help Force in June 2020 and since then gradually worked his way up to the staff ranks. His contributions are varied across several fields, from recruiting to pre-event work to just making everyone feel at home. He is also famous as Mr.Worldwide and is one of the HF Power Troop inductees. So now that you’re familiar with him, I’ll continue my story.

I immediately forwarded the footage to all the other staff members, showing how we had been stolen from. Eventually, the commanders decided to let it be ignored and we just laughed it off. But I was still curious about it, and hence, today we will be interviewing Alex the Raccoon!

A few days ago, CCTV footage of a raccoon stealing all the staff members’ food went viral. Is it true that you are the raccoon who stole the staff members’ food?

oh my god not again >:( not the first time i have been accused of this very atrocious crime. i will keep on saying that these are false accusations, from what i’ve heard, staff doesn’t even have food, so what would i even be stealing? (not that i would actually steal, my point still stands, false accusations)

Sure, Alex.. Moving on, what is the story behind you joining Help Force? Did you know back then that you’ll be depriving your fellow staff of nourishment?

ignoring the stealing accusations, i actually joined after a stamp segment! i was just randomly playing CPR when i saw some random group of people trying to get stamps, so i joined them. i still remember that after we got the iceberg 30 penguin stamp, people were spamming the ‘goggle help force cpr’ (back when you could actually spam those without being muted in 2 seconds); i dont know why i decided to join, but im glad i did 😀 and no, i wasn’t expecting my stay in Help Force to actually last this long to be honest, even less did i know that i’d be joining the staff team.

What is your favourite memory of being in HF?

this is always such a though question because of my pretty bad memory. the one fun thing that happened (that i can remember right now) is the RPS demotion which i surprisingly won. but that was also the round when if you lost, you went on to the next round. so can i really say that i won? did i lose my way to the top? either way, it was a lot of fun. also, the fact that i just couldn’t seem to be able to go to sleep because people kept asking for overtime was pretty great, now that i look back at it.

As a staff member, you are one of our most diverse individuals, contributing to many things. Which is your favourite thing to do as staff?

ah, that’s hard to answer. to be honest, i think getting to meet and help so many people every day is the best part of being staff. sure, leading, making tactics, coming up with new ideas for the server, all of that is a lot of fun too, but, as i said, the people of the community truly make this a great experience 🙂

That’s great! So what are your hobbies outside of CPA?

i think i genuinely have too many to remember all of them. i like drawing, painting, swimming, embroidery, jigsaw puzzles, reading and im probably forgetting some. now that i do list some of them, i sound like a retired grandpa, but hey, at least i can’t say that i have nothing to do when i’m bored.

Do you steal people’s food irl as well?

on the contrary, im the friend that always has extra food for other people :wary: people here just enjoy accusing me of stealing food that we didn’t have in the first place

Can you narrate the funniest incident in HF that you were involved in?

sometimes i wish there was a summary of everything that i’ve done in HF, so that i could answer these questions easier :haha: to be honest, i dont know if there is anything that funny that i was part of, besides the random takeovers that we do (which are a lot of fun, besides the elp one, which made me cry inside a little bit. pure chaos.)

What is your message to the community members of HF, both new and old?

for the older people: thank you for making HF what it currently is! i might not have met and personally known everyone who was influential in HF, but i do know that most of the people who have been here for a while have influenced the community in great ways; for the new people: im saying this out of experience: if you want to talk to the people here, go for it! they’re all very nice and you’ll find that it’s easy to get along with most of them. when i first joined, i never talked in chat, and i do regret that, but even if you feel like it’s scary, or that you’re shy, just go for it! it’s truly not that difficult to get used to, and if you do want to get active, it would be great to see you aim for a high rank, or even staff! it’s amazing seeing new people who want to become active, talk to people and even host fun events! we’ll be here to support and guide you 🙂

It seems that Alex wasn’t really the raccoon responsible for the theft of food after all! On the note of that big revelation, we end this edition of Get To Know Your Staff. Stay tuned for the next one, that will be featuring someone you all would be more than excited to know! Signing off,

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