HF Patrons of Patreon: Riley/Kara

Welcome back to HF Patrons of Patreon, the hottest mini-series that brings you awesome interviews with our generous Patreon donators!  Today I am joined by the lovely Patreon donator and former Ausia staff member Riley!

Maisie: Hi Riley!

Riley: Hey!

Maisie: Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! How are you today?

Riley: Np, I’m good tired but that’s not new for me lol

Maisie: That’s not too much fun, would mind introducing yourself for those reader who may not know you?

Riley: Yeah sure. I’m Riley also known by some older members as Kara, I used to be staff and suppppper active in HF pretty much 24/7 but went on a break for a few months for health reasons which is why I’m not around much anymore. I’m kinda known as the sleep deprived, animal obsessed Aussie tbh.

Maisie: What made you donate to the HF Patreon?

Riley: Honestly it wasn’t something I had to even think about. I’ve always been happy to donate nitros for give-aways and things like that. HF has actually helped me so much with getting past really tough times in my life so when barni messaged me about it, I knew it would be a great way of giving back and saying thanks

Maisie: Aw that’s so nice, on the topic of HF do you have any favourite memories?

Riley: Omg so many. Definitly the UWU takeover back in June last year was one of my favourite times, me and a bunch of other people were all in a VC together for over 48 hours with no sleep and we all just lost our sanity and started typing in general chat in full UWU speak, later on Nelly joined the VC and we traumatised her by all shouting NEWWY just non stop till she left the call. I even made UWU tactics for the branch battle we had later that week. It was legit one of the stupidest and craziest times cause we were all so exhausted but energetic at the same time. I’ve been in many similar long calls like it but that was one of the greatest. God I can think of so many more lmao.

Maisie: Haha that’s brilliant, I love how many amazing memories people have of HF, do you have any words of wisdom to newer recruits looking to be more active?

Riley: Honestly, just talk to people in general chat or in VC, Ik it can be intimidating and scary at first but this is legit one of the most open and welcoming community’s I’ve ever been in. Have fun with the segments and events. You seriously may meet your best friends here. Ik I definitely did :lovewolf: : :earth_americas:

Maisie: Awww that’s so wholesome, in VC is there a particular song you think everyone should hear?

Riley: My go to song to play in VC was Old Man Emu I used to annoy everyone with it lmao

Maisie: Haha that’s a bold choice, outside of HF do you have any hobbies?

Riley: LMAO NAH. I’m honestly just kinda existing in life atm till my health stuff is sorted out, I’ve just been travelling around Australia tbh. My life is very all over the place atm, I’ve never really stuck to something for this long before tbh. HF is the special outlier lol.

Maisie: Health always has to come first, seeing as HF is the special outlier, is there anything you would like to see happen in the future?

Riley: Honestly I’m so proud of what HF has achieved from breaking our event max record and winning ace of ausia cup last year. I really hope we can bring home another cup and I 100% believe our four commanders will lead us to victory as always :crazybongo:

Maisie: HFBF! Thank you so much again for agreeing to this interview, before we wrap this up do you have anything you would like to tell the readers?

Riley: Thabkyou to everyone who makes HF so amazing and fun place to be. I really we can continue to grow and stand strong together for many more years to come :lovewolf:

Maisie: Thank you so much for the interview!!!! :luv:

Riley: Ty for interviewing me!!

And there you have it folks! Thanks again to Riley and thank you again to all you wonderful people reading this! See you all next time!

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