HFIsland Puffle Party – Week 2

What’s poppin helpers?!

Today marked the last day of the Puffle Party. We hope you enjoyed this special party as it sadly has left, Help Force Island. Let’s review this last week of the Puffle Party in case you missed it, including the 2 mascots that came for a visit and the special custom background made by our one and only Crystal.

Custom Background!

For the Puffle Party, HF designer and staff member Crystal made a custom background just for the party. I really hope you collected the background because it looks so amazing!!! We are all so thankful to have such a talented design team!

Custom Puffle background made by Crystal


During the Puffle Party, two Mascots came to visit! They were the Puffle Handler (Goes by PH for short) and Sam the Sasquatch. We hope you met both of them and collected their backgrounds along with their stamp.

Sam the Sasquatch’s Background

Pins and Stamps!

The Puffle Party brought many pins to HFI. Of course, these included pins of nearly every color of Puffle that were hidden around the island. But it also introduced a new pin to HFI, the Pretty and Shiny Stamp.

Exclusive new “Pretty and Shiny” Stamp

The Puffle Party has now officially left and we hope you got to explore all that there was to explore and enjoy! There truly was a lot and it was all so amazing!
Make sure to leave a comment thanking Janez and Jayden for organizing the party and making it such a wonderful experience. Don’t forget to thank Crystal for creating the incredible custom background too! They all deserve much thanks and appreciation because they’re amazing!!

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