Know Your Leaders: Barnito

Hey guys! It’s time for another edition of “Know Your Leaders”! After the retirement of HF Commander Tistle, the army was in need of a new 1ic Commander. Of course, our next in line to take the throne would be the one and only Barnito! A long time member of the force, Barnito climbed up in his moderating ranks and also became HF’s first 3ic Admiral. So let’s get to know our wonderful AUSIA leader!

Jayden: How did you find HF and when was it? Why did you join?

It was in last week of March, I got bored of my exams and stayed up one night playing CPO. It had been a week since I joined CPO. I saw a few members in a similar outfit i.e, the blue soccer jersey and running around asking if anyone needs help with stamps. I did follow them but did not join. After classes, I used to log on and still see them advertising in Town. I joined a week later after Juanita talked to me ingame. I joined for stamps and needed mascot trackers ofc. The ETA wasn’t of much help tbh lmao

Jayden: What did you do to get to your current position and how long did it take you?

Hard work and improvement at every phase. It took me nearly 11 months to get to the Commander rank. Spent most of it as General at first but ranked up quite quickly after that.

Jayden: What are the responsibilities that a Leader has in HF?

Leading battles, being able to keep an active spike in activity all the time. Making sure everything’s in place :eyes:

Jayden: What is it like to have so many responsibilities within the army?

Over whelming at first I guess, but you get used to it. Being fun and stern is one of the key things that one must have.

Jayden: Do you have any other experiences of being staff on a community or a discord server?

Been staff in a cpps server, which did aid me with admin work.

Jayden: Are there any challenges you see in HF right now that you are trying to overcome?

The September drop has my attention at the moment :eyes:

Jayden: How do you control arguments/conflicts within the army with staff/members?

Knowing the cause and the consequences, one can talk it out with them and try to resolve it.

Jayden: Do you have advice for those who are working their way to be moderators?

Be helpful, active and acquainted with most of the stuff that’s going on currently.

Jayden: Do you think you can take HF to new heights?

Yes, definitely. I’ve been around for almost a year as staff under different leaders, learning from them. These experiences assist me. Knowing Hannah has considerable amount of experience too, both of us will take HF to new heights.

Jayden: Anything you want to say to those reading this post?

Don’t let anyone define you. You define yourself. Every member has a key impact on HF, in one or the other aspect. Hence, every member is as important as anyone else. Be confident, make friends, interact more and then definitely your experience in HF will be worth the time. Remember that we’re more than just an army, we’re a family.

We hope you got to know a little bit more about Barnito and how he takes things as a leader! He has brought this army to great heights and we applaud him for doing that! If you see him in discord, be sure to give him a quick hey! Help Force Best Force!


2 Responses

  1. We are lucky to have an amazing leader like you. All the best for your journey as a Commander. We will try our best to support you in making the army stronger. Barney Force Best Force! Help Force Best Force!!

  2. ‘will take HF to new heights’

    Barnito you already are, it is an Honor for me to serve under your leadership.
    Keep going you have our support to the end :salute:

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