[EU] Invasion Of Skates

Hey Helpers! The EU division logged onto CPATG today and successfully invaded Skates. The event was lead by Tistle and included rooms such as the Town, Box Dimension, and Cove! Many tactics, bombs and formations were fantastically performed! Skates is ours. Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 28+

Make sure you comment below for points!

Thanks for coming, we hope to see you again!
Unleash The Power Of Helping!


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  2. attended

  3. I was therr

  4. i attended

  5. attended

  6. Attended and take care Juanita!

  7. was there lol

  8. Attended

  9. I attended

  10. Attended!

  11. Attended

  12. Kyle(ButZyy)
    I attended

  13. i was there! cpatg-Penguinsrqts discord-gloriiiiiiii

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  15. […] The second invasion of the day was the Invasion of Skates done by the [EU] Division and hosted by Tistle. HF officially claimed Skates […]

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