Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPATG – Zipline for our last Team Fire vs Team Water Branch Battle. The Battle went very well with amazing tactics, bombs and formations. The Event took place in various rooms such as the Dojo, Snow Forts, Pool, Ski Village and the Box Dimension. Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 32+

Make sure you comment below for promotions!Room 1: Dojo A newly decorated room was burst open by both teams. The tide was stronger in size than the flame today, and it was tough for Team Fire to make this a challenge for Team Water. Water’s interesting side-Y formation was worthy of winning the room, with their speed acting as the cherry on top.

Room 2: Snow Forts Another room that’s had a makeover, and it exposed both teams for their tactic quality. Team Fire’s X formation was a little weak, and it was clear when their tactics weren’t all synchronized. Again with Team Water’s max advantage, it was hard for Fire to win this.

Room 3: Pool A great room from both, but messy at the same time. The size of the room hindering both team’s fluency here making it hard to read each other’s tactics. Neither side produced anything that would mark them as clear winners, which means this ends in a draw.

Room 4: Ski Village A good room again from both but with Water’s max advantage they had more formation possibilities at their disposal. They were too big for Fire once again and despite the tough fight Team Fire had, there wasn’t too much of a question about the winner here.

Room 5: Box Dimension Good again from both teams. Team Water’s formation filled the room which made it tough for Team Fire. Fire could have stolen a result here with more synchronization, but they were lacking in stringing good quality tactics together which left the door open to the tidal wave to sweep the victory here.

Thanks for attending this event, We hope to see you again!
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