[US] Pizza Party

Hey Helpers! The US division logged onto Marshmallow today for a successful Pizza Party and despite the Event not being able to take place on Blizzard, it still had an amazing outcome! The event was lead by Dlark, Hannah & Alexei. The rooms were Town, The Pizza Parlor and The Plaza. Great Job guys!


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Thanks for attending this event, we hope to see you again!
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  1. I attended

  2. i was there

  3. i was there!

  4. i was here

  5. I came to the Pizza Party

  6. Sup I came :salute:

  7. i attended 🙂

  8. I attended!

  9. attended!

  10. I came!!! my disc is cAmRyN

  11. I’ve attended

  12. […] second event that followed was a [US] Pizza Party. With a max of 42+, 3 moderators had a slice of leading this event! They were Alexei, Dlark and […]

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