[EU] Branch Battle

Hey Helpers! We logged onto CPATG today for our Weekly Branch Battle! Team Hot Sauce kept up their winning streak and have achieved 3 wins in a row! Congratulations Hot Sauce and better luck next time Yellow Chili’s.


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Thanks for attending the event. Hope to see you at the next one!
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  1. i was there!

  2. attended!!

  3. Attended 🙂

  4. I attended! Well done everyone!

  5. Sorry for the late comment, I was there!

  6. i was there comrades sorry if i’m late btw

  7. I attended!

  8. attended – brad8192

  9. Attended! Haha I totally forgot to comment 😉

  10. Hi! I attended 😀

  11. i attended!! (plut021)

  12. Attended

  13. I attended

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