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CPR Easter Egg Hunt Hints!

Howdy Helpers!

Happy Easter Helpers! Welcome to my quick and easy guide to finding all the Easter Eggs in the scavenger hunt on CPR! If you don’t want spoilers – don’t read this article! I’m going to go over all the locations of the eggs and then the rewards after completing! So without further ado, let’s go hunt some Eggs!

Note: If you log off, you lose your progress! Be careful!

Egg #1: “Finding this egg is what you will do, in a room with a table for two.”

There aren’t many rooms with tables for two penguins on the island. One of the obvious ones in the Pizza Parlor, and sure enough this brown egg is sitting behind the plant in the doorway!

Egg #2: “An egg where you would join a band, in a building that is near sand.”

Again, this is pretty obvious. The only place to join a band on the island in the Lighthouse. But, the Beach doesn’t have sand, right? It’s snow? Nevertheless, this stripey egg is found in the lantern by the door, not too easy to locate.

Egg #3: “Around the island you’ll have a look, find an egg in a room with a book.”

Another self explanatory one, with the room with the most books being fittingly called the Book Room. Another one that’s not too easy to find, but it’s propped up on the top of the bookshelf! 3 down, 4 to go!

Egg #4: “Up high in the mountain peak, a room where a grasshopper will seek.”

Those knowing the meaning of the word “grasshopper” will know this straight away. “Grasshopper” is what Sensei calls new students that aren’t fully-fledged ninjas yet. He often says, “Congratulations Grasshopper” when awarding a new belt to penguins! This egg is the hardest of the lot to retrieve! Found for a split-second in the Dojo, there are two locations, up near the roof, and down on the right hand side, which alternate as if the egg were a real ninja! Be quick! This egg isn’t going to hang around for very long!

Egg #5: “An egg can be found on a sunny day, a place where penguins re-enact a play.”

At first, I thought this egg was in the Stage! :joy: Then I realised that the egg was actually located in the Plaza! A sneaky one where in some ways the clue was misleading! Anyway, this egg also blends in with the landscape, posing as a lantern outside the Stage.

Egg #6: “An egg that feels brave, might catch a wave.”

Another one that is relatively easy for the average player. The Cove is the location of the game “Catchin’ Waves” and therefore is a big hint to the hiding spot of this treasure. It blends in with the fiery surfboard near the Hut!

Egg #7: “An egg is hiding in a busy space, where you’ll find a fashion place.”

Similar to the Plaza egg, this clue had me fooled again! At first I thought the Clothes Shop, but after searching for a while, I re-read the clue and realized it meant the outside! It’s found in the shop’s boxes in the Town!

After finding all 7 eggs, you complete the hunt! You’re given a new head item and a stamp! Congratulations!

Hope you all enjoyed this easy tutorial on how to find the eggs! Until next time, Helpers!

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