[EU] Operation: Refine

Howdy Helpers!

This Tuesday, Help Force logged in to CPR Blizzard for a special Operation, Operation: Refine! This event was lead by General Hannah who had to contend with many interruptions, including a mascot visit and an extensive log on queue. Despite these obstacles, this event was a success! The EU division comfortably succeeded in maxing sufficient numbers for promos saw tactics displayed of the highest order!

MAX 25+

Comment below if you attended!


  1. I attended!

  2. I attended for promotions! Name is MagmaMixer.

  3. I attended! Operation Respir…. oops, i mean Operation Refine!

  4. Hello! I attended!

  5. i was there -dest

  6. Yangmeix2 on CPR. YES!

  7. I attended for promotions! Name is Little Feet.

  8. I ATTENDED username ; storm / penguin name ; naji2 (the penguin with a beard )

  9. It was a nice event ! …even though I needed 15 mins to log on…

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